Working at your website can lend you a JOB!

Hi, guys!


Today I am going to present another opportunity which can happen to you!


If you start and work on your own personal website, with time you will start and learn plenty of things. Sometimes even if your website won’t pay you off, you could actually get a job from what you are doing.

This is the case of Breanne, a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Here is the full story: WA Got Me a Job Today!


Wealthy Affiliate Earn Money From Home Job


I know that most of you will argue the following: Why did she apply for a job, if the goal here is to create our website such that we will never need a job? There are two main reasons for that:


  1. Earning money online is a long process. Depending on the niche, sometimes it might take far longer that we expect.
  2. Having a job in a parallel is a great thing to do. Have you ever wondered what would happen if somehow people will lose interest in your niche? If something happens to your website and you have to give up on it? I know that this might sound rubbish, but some people, including myself, like to prepare for the unexpected.


It is always better to develop more streams of money. A job indeed is one of the most stable ways of earning money.  I review a lot of products which a few months after the owner gave up on the product and I’ve spent a lot of time in building the review and a few months later out of nowhere, I started to get less and less traffic.

The fact is that you never know what might happen to you. A lot of bulletproof plans of mine completely failed due to some factors which I haven’t even thought off that it might happen. Sometimes the odds were less than 1%.

Therefore, it is always better to never depend on a single income stream.


Now, what is Breanne’s background in online Entrepreneurship?

Breanne came to Wealthy Affiliate with nothing more than a passion for reading and an iron will to improve her life. She started to go through the courses, practised what she learned at WA, worked as a freelancer and a couple of months ago she got hired at a company.


What did she need to know? Pretty much everything website related:

  • knowledge of WordPress
  • – ability to use plug-ins
  • – understanding + using affiliate links correctly!
  • – understanding of SEO + keyword usage in blog posts
  • – sourcing images to use in blog posts
  • – hyperlinking images + optimizing for SEO
  • – scheduling content + social media posts


As she tells in her post, you will never know where this training will take you.

I must say that I gained a lot of knowledge from working on a weekly basis on my website. As a matter of fact, I even got asked to come to 2 interviews for a position of SEO Specialist and for a position of Affiliate Marketeer this year.

However, I refused those offers since everything that would’ve meant that I would have to diminish the time which I was spending working on my website.


Breanne’s success can only serve as proof that the knowledge you gain by working on your website, even though your website won’t go as planned, it won’t be lost. You can always work as a freelancer or even get a job with the skills that you develop.


Hope that her success will inspire you!




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