Why you should not buy backlinks

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Today I am going to discuss about why you should not buy or use backlinks.

What is a backlink?


A backlink is when someone that owns a blog or a website(not you) reads one of your posts or one of your pages and decides that within his/hers’ page/post to include a link to your post/page. By doing this, his/hers readers can click the link and come to your post/page.


Why is it so important?


Well, a few years ago, I’m talking about 2007-2014, having lots of backlinks would make Google and the other search engines to rank your post/page better. Therefore, instead of having a 500 word post that was ranked on page 18th in google results, your post would automatically be ranked within the first 5.

So what happened?

Online marketeers quickly gain knowledge of this and decided to sell services such as selling backlinks for your site. They would usually charge a lot for it.

Just imagine that you build a new website and in the first month you will get a lot of organic traffic. That would’ve been amazing.

Therefore, there were lots of new fresh websites in the first pages of results just by having backlinks.


What happened next?


Not being stupid, Google found out what was happening and decided that the backlinks wouldn’t matter anymore in their search engine algorithm. I am not sure if they don’t matter at all or they matter but just for a little – not too much that move your site one rank higher than it is.

Why people still buy backlinks?

Well, some online SEO gurus still lie to people that those backlinks are important in order to sell their services. Most people don’t know this, because they only read SEO guides done by those type of gurus that are interested to make money for nothing.

The people that know of this, usually buy backlinks in order to get some traffic from that website on which the link is listed.

Let’s say that the guy that offers backlinks has 10,000 people that view a post per month. Maybe a small part of those people will come to your website if the website’s owners recommends your post. Don’t set your hopes to high and state that 50% of the readers will come to your site. A real percent will probably be 1-5%.

It is still some traffic, but I would suggest to focus more on creating posts and applying SEO in order to get organic traffic. Indeed, it will take you longer, but it will also be cheaper. Don’t expect the owner of a site with a million readers per month to backlink you for $100.

If you want to learn more about SEO make sure to check out either my How to build a business guide or Wealthy Affiliate – the place from where I learned all my knowledge.

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