Why should you invest in Bitcoin right now?

Hi, guys!


Today, I am going to share my personal opinion on why should anyone invest in Bitcoin.


Okay, I know, Bitcoin went from $18k to $7k(Today – 2nd of Aprile). Therefore, the logic thing will be for people to sell everything and to move on, right?


Well, quite wrong. Here’s why I say that.


Reason 1) Paper and coin money it’s old currency.


From what I see day by day, people start to use less and less real money. They switched almost completely to contactless cards. Even the small, neighbourhood shops have a POS in order for you to pay with the card. Moreover, a year ago I remember that I even read an article from Business Insider stating that over 90% of the money are on cards.

Reason 2) Companies are preparing for Bitcoin

In my spare time, usually non-existent, I go to different conventions. One of the main topics is bitcoin. Pretty much all of the companies are preparing themselves for this new currency. I even know one company who wants to accept only Bitcoin as their currency.

Reason 3) Everyone unfaithful has sold their part

The hype to buy bitcoin is finally over. Pretty much all the amateurs have sold all of their stocks in order to “cut the losses”. As the bubble has burst, only people who have a vision on it remain.

Reason 4) Bitcoin is still worth $7k!

What I mean by that is usually when something goes downhill, it should go to 0. Suffering such a big downfall and still be worth $7k is a clear sign that Bitcoin has a great chance to recover. If you think about it, in the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin’s worth was $1k!!!! A year has passed and it is worth 7k!

That’s incredible!

Reason 5) Bitcoin can be a worldwide currency.

Why should we always lose our money at different exchange rates when we could all use Bitcoin? Think about it. The whole planet earning and paying with Bitcoin, would be a whole revolution. A revolution already noticed by many. As I spoke at point 2), companies already prepare themselves to accept Bitcoin as a currency.

Those are the main reasons which come to my mind on the spot. If you have any visions related to Bitcoin, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below :D!


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