Why my first website was a failure

Hello, everyone!

Today I am going to tell you why my first website was a big fail. So for those who don’t know, I have three websites. The first is about Halloween Costumes, the second is about Weight Loss and the third is this one.

So this is the story.

It happened when I just joined Wealthy Affiliate. I knew absolutely nothing about how to create a website, how to write content, how to have links in my content and not even how to create a page or a post, don’t get me started with images.

I created a few websites before the Halloween one, but those were spontaneous and I decided to delete them all. The Halloween costumes website was the first one where I started to take it serious. It was less than a month from Halloween and the only thought that I had in my head was that it has to be about Halloween costumes. So I started to create more and more posts, while studying on the Online Certification at Wealthy Affiliate.

The first problem I encountered was how to obtain the links from an affiliate program. Was I supposed to just copy paste the link? Hell nah! I asked more and more questions and I finally discovered that first I had to create an account. Check this post here in order to see how I obtained affiliate links from Amazon.

I was rushing too much for the money. I literally created lots of pages with different products from Amazon. Since my pages were spammed with tons and tons of affiliate links, I had to check the the NOIndex box in order for my website to not be considered as a spam.

It was only until now, that I realized that I had almost no page except for a few where I discussed about some Halloween traditions and recipes that were indexed in Google.

I had no chance to get visitors and didn’t even knew it. Instead of creating pages of content where I just put all the links from all the costumes that I found on Amazon and other affiliate programs, I should have created posts for each costume and create internal links. If I had that probably I would had to create more than 150 posts, but this was the right way to do it.

So, in probably two to three weeks, I have created 30 posts and pages combined, but I only had 2-4 of them actually indexed in Google.

Another reason why my website was a failure before I even began was the time interval. In order to earn some money from  it, a costumer had to buy a costume or some Halloween decorations, right?

Well, it was pretty hard for him because even if he wanted to buy for me, it had a hard time to find my website in Google. Google’s search engine will not display you in the first pages of search results until you get trust from him. This happens only after five to six months.

In order to understand better, consider Google as a company that puts its customers(visitors) in contact with other companies(your website). Google’s interest is to offer the highest quality of service because by doing that more people will use it, right? Therefore, Google won’t risk to send its customers to a company that it is new on the market.

If he will do that, it will risk to send its customers to a company that is not serious. It could be a website owner that doesn’t provide accurate information or that is not active or is not helpful. If the customer(visitor) is not satisfied with what he sees, he could just go to Yahoo or other search engines and Google will lose its customer. Therefore, google’s search engine, analyzes your website on a weekly interval for a few months and checks if you are a serious person or not.

So I never stood a chance in earning money with my website. Since people couldn’t find me in the first months and I didn’t had many indexed pages in google. In order to learn more about SEO(search engine optimization) click here.

This is my first website here: . However, I will delete it pretty soon and create it again due to the fact that I have been inactive for a long period on it. So if you can’t access it this is why.


Got any questions? Ask them in the comment section below and I will respond to them as soon as I can! 🙂

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