Why is the blog section full of psychology posts?

Hi, guys!


If you’ve been scrolling to my blog section, then you might probably notice that there are a lot of psychology posts. 

Don’t I have anything better to write about rather than this?


Well, I think I could discuss about cryptocurrency or whatever is in trend during this days. However, one of the main reasons why I have created this website is to show people how to be able to create an online business.


Now, if you are new to success, then I have to say that an online business is never easy to build. There are a lot of factors at stake which can decide our chance of success.

It might surprise you, but actually, in the very beginning of your business – it doesn’t matter if you build an online business or a real-world business -, I believe that the most important factor is the psychological one.

I am not kidding you. As a matter of fact, at Wealthy Affiliate a large number of newbies give up because they don’t believe in their success. They spend a few hours working and they don’t believe in their own powers and they will quit.

Who can blame them? It is pretty hard to continue to work at something when you don’t see any results. In some cases, it might take even a small portion of insanity to continue to work with the hope that one day it will pay off, despite the fact that right at the moment you don’t see any results.

I know that seeing from the outside, factors like motivation, faith, iron will seem pretty easy to have them. As a matter of fact, I can tell that it is extremely easy to believe in your chance of success.

The hard part is to keep believing in your ideas when the whole world is basically against you. Sometimes you might not see results for weeks, months and even years. However, you have to keep believing in yourself and to not the opinion of the others to influence your decisions.

I am not saying to adopt a business idea such as selling air cans on the internet.*

That might be pretty hard to do. If you get a viable idea and if you can find 5-10-15 reasons why someone will buy your products/services, then go for it.

* – There was actually someone who jokingly started to sell air cans in China ->

His fortune is estimated to $740 million !!!!!!!

Now just imagine if I will come to you, in the quality of a friend(which I actually intend to be), and tell you that I have a business idea to sell bottles of air.

Won’t you just laugh at me? I think that none of you would even tell me that it can be a good idea.

This guy became a millionaire by creating a business which might sound insane to over 99% of the population.

And he did that by believing in himself!


I am sure that there are millions of people with much better ideas than his which gave up because they didn’t think that the idea will stand a chance.

Let me give you one more example in order to prove how important the psychological factor is.


Let’s take a crappy idea.


No, literally crap. There is an INDIVIDUAL on this PLANET, who thought that he/she can MAKE MONEY WITH CRAP.

Their business idea was that people hate each other. Maybe your neighbour/boss/coworker/relative is an a**hole.  Most of the time we can’t do anything about that without becoming violent or without consequences.

Comming back to our story, those guys have thought what if I will be able to send to someone who is extremely anonymously a full bag of crap?

This way I will not become violent, the target won’t know from whom it came and most of all, I will have a great laugh.

It turns out that the idea of this individual became quite successful and I see a lot of famous Fb pages which spread the news about this business!

He literally decided to collect cow/elephant crap and to make money from it.

Here’s his/hers website:

Once again, if I would come to you with this idea and I was telling you that I am serious about it, won’t you consider me insane? I know I would!


As a conclusion, it doesn’t matter how silly your business idea is. If you can come with a bunch of reasons why someone will buy your product and you believe in your chance of success, you will succeed. This is why most of my blog posts are focused on the psychological factor :D.


Have a great day,


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