Why is my the site suddenly unavailable in Websmater Tools??

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For some of you might see that your site ownership is out of a sudden unavailable in Google webmaster tools

So, why is that since you just added it a few weeks/months ago?


I tend to believe that the most common reason is that you purchased/activated your SSL certificate. At the time that you registered your website on webmaster tools, you probably had the http:// my website . com as a domain.

However, when you decided to get the SSL certificate, which at Wealthy Affiliate, comes for free in the premium package, your website domain will change from that http to https.

I know that you probably never thought that this could affect anything regarding about your site. However, whenever you decide to upgrade to https, you will need to change the website in webmaster tools as well.

You can’t modify your current property in Google webmaster tools.

google webmaster tools ownership unavailable

You will need to delete your current property and to add a new one the same way you did with the current property.

After that, you will be able to get the actual data for your website and you will also be able to fetch as Google.

Yes, if you will go and try to fetch as Google, it will give you a different message( I think it tells you something as “redirected”), than the normal one (Complete), because you basically tell the Google bot to go and check your http URL, but it won’t be able to find anything at all, because you transferred it from http to https.

You basically send the bot to a different address and you expect him somehow to find what you want and to rank your content. It won’t be able to do it.

In order to fix that, as I mentioned above, you will have to delete your current property and to create a new one the same way you did when you added your http website.

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Hope this helps you out.




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