What if I buy a Website and I just let it sit? Will that help the ranking?

Hi, guys!

In this post, I am going to tell you what will happen if you decide to buy a website and let it sit.


Ok, Andrei… what do you mean by letting it sit?


By letting it sit I mean that you won’t do anything at all for your website during a few months. Not creating content, not sharing content, barely doing any upgrades, not doing any SEO In-Page/Off-Page, in short terms, not doing anything at all.

So, how can I tell you what will happen?

Well, simply because I did it.




Yes, I actually did that mistake. You see, if you host your website at Wealthy Affiliate, you will have a feature that will show your site stats.  It will show stats like the no of plugins, the visitor engagement, your engagement and among them the site trust.

Now, this site trust, when I was just a newbie, I thought that it is strictly related to how much do the Search Engines trust my website. However, it appeared that whatever I was doing or what I wasn’t doing, this site trust would steadily increase by 10% each month.

Of course, being stupid, I witnessed that I haven’t done anything on my website and the site trust increased by 10%.

Right when I saw this, I figured the “perfect plan”.

Just sit for a few months, don’t do anything and when the site trust will get to 60-70%, come, write a few posts and you will get thousands of visitors.

Well, I actually did that, and to my surprise, when I came after 4-5 months of break, I was shocked to discover that my master plan didn’t work at ALL… Lol. Just imagine the look on my face when people told me that the site trust feature is Wealthy Affiliate’s OPINION on how much the search engines trusted my website.


It is safe to believe that once you create posts and stop, you will still get traffic for the next month. However, 2-3 months after that, you won’t get any traffic at all.

Therefore, if you think that you found the “master plan”, as I did, just be glad to read this and go back to work.


Okay… But was my website punished for the inactivity?


Well, after 4-6 months of inactivity, I was firmly convinced that I will be punished by Google. I started to create content for 2-3 months straight. During this time, I haven’t received a single organic session, or just a few bunch(under 20 for 3 months). However, as I started to create content on a weekly basis for months and months, I started to receive more and more content. 7 months later, I started to receive at least 3000 organic sessions per month on my website.

*Note that I am in the Make Money Online niche. This is the hardest to get into!


That’s all about website inactivity and ranking. Just make sure that you don’t do this. Try to create more and more content and you will start to receive more and more traffic!

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