What are the tags in the post for?

Hi, guys!

I’ve seen a lot of people at Wealthy Affiliate and in general on Fb groups and other online forums that were asking about those Tags


Now, all of the fresh Entrepreneurs that are new to work on WordPress make the same error. And I actually made this error for a whole week.


So when you first see to “introduce” those tags to your posts, you think about that this is where you need to put your keywords. Well, this is wrong. It has nothing to do with any keyword.

So, if those tags aren’t meant for the search engines, then what are their purpose?

Well, if you go and view your website, you will see that you have a search bar on it( I have disabled the search bar on mine due to a few reasons).

Now this search bar is used in order for your viewers to be able to search for a different post on your website. It is like your own personal Google.

Those tags at each post are in order to help them find easier what they are looking for. ┬áLet’s say that someone searches for “youtube channel” on my website. Well, if it were to search, it will show all of my posts that include the terms youtube and channel (including this post). Since we want that person to find the relevant post that it is about Youtube channel and not this one, I should add the tag Youtube channel to my youtube channel post.

That tag, will make my youtube channel post to stick in front of other posts which might contain this words.

Don’t stress yourself to find the perfect tags. They don’t affect the ranking.

You can write anything you want on that tag because it won’t affect how Google and other search engines such as Yahoo/Bing/Yandex/Butai/ would rank your website.


Now, what about the Featured Image?


Let’s say that you create a blog roll page. A blog roll page is a page where all the posts from a different category will be displayed. Check this post in order to see how to create one. Now, if you set a featured image to a post, when will be displayed on that blog roll page, the image will appear in front of the post.


That’s all on today’s post. If you have any other questions share them with me in the comment section below! Cheers!

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