Website Stats, Month 9

Hi, guys!


Welcome to the Month 9! Any of you excited? Well, I am :D!


In the last few months, I have to say that I didn’t make any great progress, but this was because I was too busy to learn at my MSc. I know that this is not the subject. However, I decided that starting from today(Dec 20th), to spend more time on my website and to start and do some research in order to review more opportunities.


Website progress month 9


So, what have I done in this month?


Well, I took some time off, to be honest. I studied a lot for my MSc, I’ve been in vacation in London, watched a few TV series and I even hang out with my friends. Of course, I succeeded in delivering 5 new posts every week, but during this month I created more blog posts rather than reviews.

I am one month away from my 100% Site Trust from Wealthy Affiliate. Even if it doesn’t mean anything, I am pretty excited to see 100%.

So, what were the proposed milestones for this month?


  • I hope that I will get 3000 organic sessions;
  • 23000 Pageviews;
  • 900 comments milestone;
  • 10 MMO reviews;
  • 1 Youtube video;
  • Set up the Newsletter.


Well, I’ve got more than 3000 organic sessions( I will discuss this more detailed below), I’ve got 25000 page views and I also reached the 900 comments. When it comes to MMO reviews, I have done only 7 out of 10 and once again I haven’t found enough time to do the youtube video. I need to take some time off and to study the law with regards to a Newsletter and holding data before creating a newsletter service. So you will need to be more patient for a newsletter :D.

Here’s a quick link to month 8 report if you want to compare :D!







So, Google once again decided to love me for this month. I am still a little concerned about the traffic which I get from Yahoo and Bing. However, in order to fix that, I need to use the bing webmaster tools and to fetch all of my posts, which I simply don’t have enough time to do.

However, what I saw is that after I decided to add more content to old reviews and after I fetched them, I started to get more traffic. Therefore, I think it would be a great thing to constantly update some of my most important reviews. For instance, on Swagbucks in month 8 I had 19 sessions and during month 9, I gained 39 sessions, on paidviewpoint 7 and after 17, on Wealthy Affiliate in month 8 I’ve got 7, on month 9 I’ve got 8 and in the first half of month 10, I’ve got 9 sessions.

I will try to fetch again this month and see what happens. I think that around 4 months from now I could actually draw a conclusion.


Google Month 8 vs Month 9



Overall, it can be seen that I’ve got an increase of 10% of the traffic sessions. The peak for month 8 was on Nov 1st, of 145 Sessions whilst for month 9, was on Nov 29th, at 184 sessions.

All of the stats have increased with the except of the one with the New Sessions. However, that one is not that important.

Basically, those stats tell me that the users which once came on my website, decided to search for another opportunity on Google and when my site popped up on the search list, they decided to click on my website rather than another competitor of mine.

This is a pretty great thing.




The Yahoo sessions have increased, but it is safe to say that the Bing sessions have skyrocketed in the last month. From 6 to 22 sessions. That’s pretty great for me. It is a shame that I haven’t received any sessions from ask or Yandex, but I succeeded in getting a session from google images.

That’s when someone searches for a keyword and checks for an image on Google. Once he finds what he liked, he has the option to click on it and to visit the site. That person decided to visit the website and hence I’ve got the organic sessions.


Goals for month 10:


  • Try to make at least 10 MMO reviews;
  • Aim for 2500 sessions. This is because due to the holidays. Only a few people decide to go online and search for opportunities to earn money… Lol. Most probably in month 11 I will get more sessions since everyone wants to change their lives due to the New Year resolution;
  • Learn about how to create a Newsletter;
  • Try to work as a freelancer and create a website;
  • Get 33000 page views;
  • Get 950 comments.


This will have to do. I mean I would set more ambitious goals, but the problem is that I need to learn for my Master as well. And I also have a lot of other stuff to do. I think that in February I will get enough time to actually catch up with the work for my website.


That’s all for today!


Have a nice day,



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