Website Stats, Month #8

Hi, guys!


Welcome to the Month #8 !!!!


So, I’ll start by saying that this month has been pretty difficult for me to work on the website.


Well, I applied to an MSc in Computer Science, a field of which a month ago I knew nothing about it, and in order to have a chance to pass some of my exams, I had to study around 6-8-10 hours of programming every single day.

Yes, that includes Sunday.

I also had a few tech talks and conferences on which I have attended and a few more interviews which I decided to go to.

Why interviews when you have a website?

Well, you see, I really want to build a career in IT. My ex was passioned about IT. She always thought that she was superior to me just because I hated IT, since I’ve never really studied it, and she was saying that I was a lil stupid because you know… She knows IT and I don’t.

Having that said, I decided to actually try it out and see for myself if I am too stupid in order to get a job and to work as an IT guy.

Anyhow, that’s a story for another time. So, my progress with the website was a bit slow during this time.

So, in my Month #7 Report, those were the challenges that I proposed for this month.


So, what are my expectations for the next month?


Well, I am not sure. The main problem is that I have a lot of study to do in order to catch up 3-4 years. Therefore, I expect that my business will perform worse in the next month.

-> About Traffic, I hope that I will get 1500 organic sessions.

-> Regarding Comments, I hope that I will be able to receive 50 comments;

-> Regarding creating posts, I hope that I will be able to maintain the publishing frequency and that I would be able to create at least 6-7 posts about MMO.

-> About the Pageviews, I hope that I will get 15,000 this month.


What would you think? Did I get any of that, while I was studying full-time, weekends included?


Well, the answer is NO.




Instead of 1500 organic sessions, I’ve got 3148!!

At comments, I’ve got over 50 comments( I still have around 11-12 comments to reply).

15,000 PageViews?  Well, I’ve got:




So, this is better than I expected, but it is better than I desired?

Well, no… I was hoping to get at least twice the organic sessions which I’ve got in the last month(2704). Now, I know that those are organic sessions and I can’t just go on Google and access my site 2000 times.

Why did they only increase by 400?

Well, this is because I’ve kept on creating short posts, of about 400-500 words in order to keep up with the publishing frequency.

I also changed the publishing frequency. The month before, I was posting 4-5 posts Sunday. Now, I am posting them Monday and I think that Google is a little confused by that.

However, I also predicted that I will get 1500 sessions. I am glad that the things turn quite the other way around.

So what can I do in order to double the traffic once again? Well, I haven’t done a bot fetch from some time now and I think that somewhere this weekend I should be able to do it.

I will also have to target some popular opportunities to earn money online and to review them.

Ok… Ok… What about the other goals?


Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities: Create at least 5 posts related to MMO? Yes. I’ve actually created 7/20



Create and publish all the products in the Shop section FAIL -> I will postpone this until I will get 10k organic sessions per month on the website

Start the Youtube channel -> FAIL -> However, I installed the program to record and create videos. I will definitely start at least one in this month!


SEO Month 8 vs Month 7



Ok, I know that it isn’t an HQ image. However, le’ts work with that. So during month 8, on Google I have 3118 organic sessions, which is with almost 500 more sessions than in the month 7.

What concerns me is that the Bounce rate increased and the Pages/Sessions along with Avg Session Duration decreased. This isn’t really that good. For those of you who don’t know, the Bounce Rate means what percent of the people who visited your website come back. The closer to 0, the better!

I will need to update a few of the reviews in order to make them more interesting.


The other search Engines:


Ok, so at Yahoo & Yandex I had more visitors than in the previous month This is great.

However,  it seems that bing has given me some headaches.  Even though I’ve lost 9 viewers from the previous month, the bounce rate seems to have significantly drop from 86 to 66 and the Avg session duration increased from in average of 20 seconds… Lol… to 5 minutes.

Well, I can live with this. It is more important to have fewer people who stay longer on the website rather than having more people who leave as soon as they get here!


Anyway, those were quite the stats. Even though, is not exactly what I hoped for, I also got a few great results from indexing and ranking. I’ve actually got 4 fresh reviews ranked in position 1 in Google in an incognito search without “”. Click here for more .


So, for the next month:

  • I hope that I will get 3000 organic sessions;
  • 23000 Pageviews;
  • 900 comments milestone;
  • 10 MMO reviews;
  • 1 Youtube video;
  • Set up the Newsletter.

That’s all, if you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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