Website Stats Month #6

Hi guys!


Another month has passed and I’ve started to see a few interesting results :D!


Well, I have some great news when it comes to SEO :D.



well, it is OFFICIAL, I broke the 1000 Unique VISITORS BARRIER :O !!!!


Now, I know that for experienced guys, this is like nothing. But I am pretty excited since this is actually my first website on which I’ve put a lot of effort. Moreover, I am pretty happy since the website is in the MMO niche, which is the hardest to get into.

Now, this is only the organic traffic that you see. That’s because I am only focusing on the SEO at this stage of the business :D.

So, how were the results while compared to the last month?

Well, they are pretty amazing! 😀

As a matter of fact here is even a comparison to the last months :D:



In just 4 months I have actually gone from 38 organic sessions per month to 12380 sessions. That’s awesome. I am very excited for this.

So, during the last month, I had 466 sessions and this month I had over 1200.

This is incredible :D. Or at least for me :).


Google still gots my back :D. As a matter of fact, 97% of my traffic comes from Google. I even made a post where I share my success on the front page on google here as I wanted to share some proof to my future customers that what I teach here or that my SEO services have a real impact.

Even the traffic on the other search engines has increased. For example, the traffic on Yahoo& Bing doubled and I even started to receive visitors from Ask, Baidu and Yandex :).

Remember when I was complaining that a few posts don’t generate visitors? Well, since I’ve done both in-page and off-page SEO, I just started in the last few days to receive traffic on those pages. Of course, there are not like 100 daily visitors, but we will surely get there :).

So, what about my challenges?



-> Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities FAIL 11/20

-> Increasing the publishing frequency at 6 posts a week FAIL In fact, I’ll give up on this for a while now since I need to focus on getting approved to an MSc :).

-> Reaching 700 comments milestone Done!

-> To create and publish all the products in the Shop section FAIL

-> To upgrade the Earn Money Online section Done!

-> To give a more pleasant appearance to the Online Business guide. Done!

-> Try to have at least 728 organic sessions Done! I’ve reached over 1100 :D.

-> Try to reach 5000 page views. Done! Reached 7200.


Start the Youtube Channel.  FAIL


Well, I need to focus more on the MMO section of the website :D.

Therefore the next goals for the following month will be


Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities

Reaching 800 comments milestone

Try to reach 10,000 page views.

Try to have at least 1500 organic sessions. I’m kinda optimist… Lol. Who knows?! Maybe I’ll double the traffic… I will hope at least to get 1500 sessions 🙂


Hope you guys have awesome results! 😀

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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