Website Stats #Month 5

Hi, guys!

Yesss, another month has passed and my website is now 5 Months old!!!


Now, the time of comparison has come! I’ve been waiting the whole month hoping that I will get at least twice the organic traffic that I obtained in the month 4!

Before beginning, I must mention that this month I didn’t invest that much time in developing the website since I had some problems and I also took a 9 days holiday! I’ll be back with photos soon :D!

As you can see, I’ve been playing a little with the menus and from the last week’s 16 Pages and 65 posts, now I have 13 Pages with 93 posts.

The publishing frequency stood the same, but since I’ve got 5 new pages by installing the e-commerce plugin, I’ve decided to transform some of the pages in posts with the help of the Post-Type Switcher plugin in order to make a more organized structure.

Proposed milestones:


-> Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities: Failed… Damn it

-> Increasing the publishing frequency at 6 posts a week: Failed

-> Reaching 700 comments milestone: Failed

-> Reaching 3000 page views: Succeeded

-> Having at least 174 organic visitors on my website.: Succeeded


Now, I’ve been busy a little and I didn’t had enough time to research on this opportunities, but I promise that this month I will create the reviews even if I’ll cry typing… LOL.

When it comes to the publishing frequency, I’ve been too busy to try to optimize the structure of the website and create a few new sections that I completely forgot about this.

I am currently having 670 comments out of 700. I believe that I will reach 700 somewhere in the next two weeks :(. I will create a post when I achieve this milestone.

About the page views, I kinda surpassed that and I’ve reached over 4000 page views a few days ago!!

I also passed the 174 organic visitors milestone in the last month and I will discuss this further below!


SEO Evolution Google


I’ve been a little nervous since the last month I received 87 visitors in total and I hoped that this month I will receive twice that sum. However, it seemed that I have actually received 4 TIMES AS MANY VISITORS and 16 more visitors than in the last month.

In the fourth month, the highest peak that I received was of 9 visitors a day, while having an average of 5 visitors a day.  In the last month, the peak was on 31th of July when I received 29 organic visitors and I had an average of 13 visitors a day. Like in the previous months, the average traffic during the end of the month was three times as big than the traffic in the beginning of the month.

SEO Evolution on other Search Engines

As I stated in the previous posts, on the blog page, my main problem is that over 98% of the traffic was coming from Google alone. As you can see in the image below, clearly this hasn’t changed due to the fact that it takes around 5-6 weeks since I fetched to see results. This I’ll be able to see only on the month 7th website stats.

A small evolution can be noticed at Yahoo and Bing since I received more visitors.

So what does the audience think of the website?

Now, those are the direct sessions. To put it simply, those are the amount of times that someone has been on a page of the website, decided that he liked what he or she saw and sent it to a friend which accessed the link.

Milestones for month 6:

-> Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities

-> Increasing the publishing frequency at 6 posts a week

-> Reaching 700 comments milestone

-> To create and publish all the products in the Shop section

-> To upgrade the Earn Money Online section

-> To give a more pleasant appearance to the Online Business guide.

-> Try to have at least 728 organic sessions

-> Try to reach 5000 page views.


-> Start the Youtube Channel.

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