Website Stats #Month 4

Hi, guys!


I know it is a little late for me to publish this, but as always I will try to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, in this post, I will share with you my stats and I will compare them with the stats from the previous months.


Now as you can see from my previous month, today, I have around 3 more pages and 19 more posts. That means that I have published 22 posts/pages in almost a month. I actually have more than 614 comments, since I have around 20-25 unanswered comments. Therefore, a true estimation would be around 636 comments. Last month I had 561 comments. That’s 75 more comments in 1 month.

I added a few more plugins, due to the fact that I wanted to create an e-mail list. Don’t worry about the low value 50%. It doesn’t affect the site speed yet. I have 8 plugins right now and as I stated before, in different posts, you should aim to have around 10-11 plugins on your website.

SEO Evolution Google



In the previous comparison, I had 12 organic sessions in the month of April whilst during May, I received 38 organic sessions.  For this month, I already doubled that number of 38 visitors and I ended up having 87 visitors. Due to my publishing frequency, it seems that Google started to trust my website more and I started gaining authority on different reviews. 80 out of 87 visits were from Google. This is technically great since 70% of internet users are using Google as their main search engine.


SEO Evolution on other Search Engines


Well, on the other hand, it seems that I had a downfall on both Yahoo and Bing, whilst Yandex’ sessions stayed the same. In order to improve this, I will need to log into the Webmaster tools of each of them and to fetch my posts once again. I hope that would do the trick.

They still represent the other 30% of the internet users that don’t use Google when they are looking for stuff over the web. It is still a pretty high % that I should not exclude.

Other goals I achieved during this month are the fact that I reached the 600 comments milestone, I changed the theme a couple of times, I am still working on creating a new Earn Money Online section with a more pleasant appearance and I increased the publishing frequency to 5 posts a week. A fact that kinda challenges me right now, since I barely have any scheduled posts left :)). For my personal life, I also succeeded in getting over my breakup, started to take more care about my weight and I became even more motivated in creating a successful business.

What are the milestones for the next month?

-> Create at least 20 review posts of different online opportunities

-> Increasing the publishing frequency at 6 posts a week

-> Reaching 700 comments milestone

-> Reaching 3000 page views

-> Having at least 174 organic visitors on my website.


So, what are your website’s stats? Do you see an improvement from your previous stats? What about your motivation? If you are as motivated as you were when you first began, then you are doing something wrong! You need to be more motivated to reach your goals! 🙂

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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