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Hi, guys!


Month #10 is here! Let’s take a look at the stats :D!



I’ll get straight to the point in this post:


Goals for month 10:


  • Try to make at least 10 MMO reviews;
  • Aim for 2500 sessions. This is because due to the holidays. Only a few people decide to go online and search for opportunities to earn money… Lol. Most probably in month 11 I will get more sessions since everyone wants to change their lives due to the New Year resolution;
  • Learn about how to create a Newsletter;
  • Try to work as a freelancer and create a website;
  • Get 33000 page views;
  • Get 950 comments.



Now, the main idea is that during month #10 I had a lot of things to do such as studying, celebrating and other stuff. Therefore, I haven’t spent that much time on my website.

I was afraid for this month and I thought that I will have the lowest results of the whole year. That’s because it was Christmass and the New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t sure how many people would spend their time trying to earn money online during holidays. However, it turns out that the reality exceeded my expectation.


I was hoping to get 2500 sessions. However, I’ve got:


4543 Sessions!! Those results exceeded mont 9 with around 1100 sessions!

I still didn’t had the time to fetch on Bing and Yandex. I don’t know why… Probably I hate my website… Lol!

I created 4 MMO posts instead of 10… this is kinda disappointing :(. I will fix things in the future!

I’ve started to learn on how to create a Newsletter.

My page views counter reached 35000+.

And I reached 940 comments.

Google MONTH 9 vs Month 10



Google SEO 2018 Stats


Ok, so the main idea is that my organic sessions have increased. Of course, they haven’t increased by 200% or 500%, but taking into account that there were the Christmas Holidays, I am pretty satisfied with this. After all, I expected to have 2500 sessions instead of 4519. Since Google is my best friend, it is normal to get the best results from it.

*Google is my best friend since I only GFetch my posts. I don’t Bing/Yandex bot fetch any of them(for now).


Goals for month 11:


I am not sure what to expect from this month. The problem is that I will be in session and I would most likely not be able to keep my publishing frequency. I am a little concerned about what would be the impact on my traffic.


  • Organic Sessions Goal: I hope to get at least 2500 sessions.
  • MMO Reviews: I will pass on this since I will probably learn day and night… Sorry, guys :(.
  • Page views: I hope that I will get around 42000.
  • Comments: Hopefully, I will get 1000.
  • Launch the Newsletter.
  • Create an Amazon product review. Let’s see what happens if I would do this :D!


That’s all for this post guys! Hope you will have better results than I did :D!



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