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`Hi, guys!

Today a new feature has been added to Wealthy Affiliate: The Jaaxy Keyword Tool 

Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Now, what exactly is a keyword tool?

Well, to put it simply, a keyword tool is a must-have tool for any website owner that has the intention to bring traffic to his website.

Once you have figured out your niche, the next step is to start and look for keywords in order to assure that you won’t create content in vain. Since it is pretty difficult to brainstorm for good keywords that have monthly searches and on which we have low competition, keyword tools have been created.

They basically let you analyze a keyword and tell you how many monthly searches are on Google for that specific keyword, as well as the number of competitors that you have if you decide to create a post around that keyword.


In general, I advise people which are not members of Wealthy Affiliate, to try out the alphabet soup or Google planner in order to come up with new ideas for content.

Why do I advise only the people who are not members of Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate community has at its disposal a free Keyword Tool, which I actually have been using it since I joined the community.


Wait a minute… WA already had a Keyword Tool and decided to introduce another one?!


Yes. Jaaxy has been around for some time actually. Both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate have the same owners: Kyle & Carson.

Up until now, Jaaxy was more for people who wouldn’t want to join Wealthy Affiliate, but wanted a performant keyword tool.


So what is the difference between each the WA Keyword Tool and Jaaxy?


I have to be honest. Even though I love the WA Keyword tool, I have to admit it that Jaaxy is more good looking and also has a few benefits.

Besides letting you know the keyword data, Jaaxy also lets its users to insert a keyword and to find out on which position is the website ranked in either Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Of course, you can do a quick search on Google. I tried that a bunch of times, but I never found my website. So this feature comes in handy if you are interested in how good are some of your pages indexed.

Besides that, Jaaxy is separate from Wealthy Affiliate. Meaning that if you want just a good looking keyword tool, you can choose to buy only that without having to be a member of WA.

Since it has this advantage, it would be wise from the owners to create a referral program as well, right?


Well, actually they have one.


Jaaxy Referral program Wealthy Affiliate 2018


Now, would someone actually buy this feature?

As I mentioned before, in order to improve the organic traffic which is sent by the search engines to your website, you need to have a tool in order to analyse the keywords which you are using.

For example, I have used the WA Keyword Tool and my traffic is increasing month after month. Check this post out to see my website’s latest stats.


I don’t want to force you into buying Jaaxy. It is not a must since you can still find decent keyword by using the alphabet soup. However, the only problem with that is that you won’t know how many monthly searches does that particular keyword have.

Therefore don’t be too happy if you found a keyword with 0 competition. It is quite possible to have 0 monthly searches.


The good part


In order for the owners to prove to you that they offer top quality products, they adopted the policy of letting you test the product before deciding whether or not to acquire it.

Therefore, you can create an account on Jaaxy, for free – without any credit card information and test the product. Here’s what is included in the free membership account:




You can try it out without a problem. As a matter of fact, I already finished all of my searches a few months ago and I didn’t have to pay anything.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool 2018


Final Opinion


I think that it is possible to get organic traffic to your website if you are more experienced and you already know your niche inside out. However, if you are at the beginning of the road(in the first year of your website), I tend to believe that if you will use a keyword tool, you will be able to get better results in a shorter time span.

Since I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have access to the Keyword tool, I don’t have the need to join Jaaxy. But if I didn’t want to join this community, then I am sure that if I would have found out about Jaaxy, I would definitely try the free searches and I think that I would purchase it.

That’s all on the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Once again, I created this post because today it was introduced as a feature to Wealthy Affiliate. I will probably create a whole review on it in the following weeks. However, if you don’t have patience, take a look at my WA Keyword Tool review because it works on the same principle as Jaaxy.


If you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!





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