TWS i7 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone 2018 Review

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In this post I am going to review the TWS i7 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphones for Iphone and Android Phones.

During my review, I am going to share with you the main features. I am also going to share how the company who created them, describes them, the technical details, verified customer’s opinion, how they look in reality vs in advertising photos and the delivery details.


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Name: 1000 mAH Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earphones

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Wireless Earphones with 1000mAh Charging Box Mini Twins Stereo

Customer Feedback.
30 minute charge -> 12 hours of use.
Fast Delivery.
Easy to pair.

When Apple came out with their wireless AirPods a few years ago, I was intrigued at the design but balked at the insanely high price tag. I was able to try one out from a friend who had a pair and while I was impressed, I did not think it was worth the price. Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of other companies have copied the truly wireless design but have made it a lot more affordable.

This model when it comes down to audio quality, sounds exactly the same as the AirPods I tested. I am not an audio expert by any means, but I could not tell any difference between the two. The stock earbuds were a bit tight on me, but it comes with three different pairs on the box (I ended up going with the smallest ones). Once I was able to figure out which sized fit me best, it was a very comfortable fit. The battery life isn’t as long as regular Bluetooth headphones, but there is an internal battery in the case that charges both earbuds when they are placed in there. So, make sure to charge up the case before you take them out with you for the day.

Other than that, I do not have any complaints. Comfort and sound quality are what I expected, and just as good as any other wireless pair I have tried in the past. However, the convenience of not having any wires is what makes this one of my faves so far.

TWS I7 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone review 2018

Company Description on TWS i7 Headphones

It’s comfortable on ears, we provide 3 different size silicone earcaps so it fit people with different ears size.

Very convenient to use when working out and having a shower.

There’s no button instead using touch sensitive panel on the side of the earbuds.

With effective noise cancelling is well. The audio quality is very good and audio levels are high

 It’s pretty useful and convenient when you drive or do other thing!

Get one for going to gym,the rest of life and for out door exercises

 Recommend to anyone who is active and doesn’t want to be restricted by wires!

The other benefit of these when running is that they get rid of that really annoying thing with wired earphones where the wire constantly gets in the way of your arms or hits you in the face whilst running

With a storage box was really nice to store and carry around. No need for a separate cable and able to charge the headphones

Technical Details

Bluetooth Headphones with Built-in Mic

2* Wireless Earbud 
1* Mirco USB Charging Cable 
3* Silicone Earcaps(S/M/L) 
1* User Manual 
1* Portable Charging Case 
1* Carry Case 
1* Wiping cloth

– Bluetooth Version:BT 4.2+CVC 6.0 
– Profiles Supported: headset/handfree/A2DP/AVRCP 
– Operation Range: Up to 33 feet(Free Space) 
– Weight:0.16 oz 
– Battery Capacity: 50mAh 
– Talking/Playing Time: 3 Hours 
– Charing Time: 30 minutes 

– Battery Capacity:1000mAh 
– Charging for Earbuds: 10 Times 
– Input:Micro USB DC 5V 
– Charing Time:1 hour 
– Weight:1.14 oz

Once you place the order,you will enjoy 

√ Free Lifetime Technical support 
√ 24-month Manufacturer’s Warranty 
√ Hassle Free Replacement or Money Back in 3 months 

Customer Feedback


"Could there be a pair of truly wireless earphones that are as good or better than Apple's AirPods? My new answer after listening to these for a day is an unqualified yes.
These sound better because of their tight seal on the ear canal and internal magic. They don't have the Apple-esque coolness like the ability to see how much charge they have left on the iPhone screen, but they still have charge indicator lights and a similar charging case. And they are a bit balky with starting them up if you don't insert them at exactly the same time, but I think I'll get the hang of that soon enough.
I'm willing to overlook those slight shortcomings, though, because these cans have much better bass, cleaner highs, better comfort and they don't look goofy with that white stick growing out of my ears. Best of all, at $49.99 they cost less than a third of Apple's $159 AirPods. They're just as wireless and magical, but not quite as effortless. In my view, the effortlessness difference is so slight, it's nowhere near $109.01's worth of effort. I don't know about you, fellow Apple fans, but I'm getting tired of paying the Apple Tax. And now my dear wife will stop calling me a space alien with those white sticks growing out of my ears!"

TWS i7 Review 2018
Charlie White
Rating 5/5


"These ear buds are incredible. So small they fit unobtrusively in to the ears and coming, as it does, with different size caps it will be suitable for people with big or small ears.

They fit so snugly they are safe to use in the shower. But the real neat feature is the beautiful case which doubles as a charging station. Such a nice design. When fully charged I achieved 3 hours playback time, with high quality sound. Pairing is quick and easy. A well written instruction book and velvet storage bag are included."
TWS i7 Wirless Headphones 2018 Review
Michael O.
Rating 5/5
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