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Top Affiliate Networks In 2018

Hi, guys!

In this lesson I am going to share with you what are the top websites which you would want to become an affiliate partner with for your affiliate marketing website.

This post is part of my Affiliate Marketing guide and if you are interested, you can read the whole guide here.

1) Amazon

I know, I know… Most of you will argue saying that Amazon has a very small comission. You are right, but you are missing something!

The main idea is that almost everyone on this planet knows about Amazon.  Reviewing a product from Amazon gives people more credibility about the product and they will most certainly not have any second doubts, when thinking about legitness, about purchasing it.

Even though you might earn a bigger commission on other platforms, the main idea is that there are a lot of people which earn a lot every single month from Amazon alone.

Besides the fact that most people heard of Amazon, one of the main advantages is that you can find any product you want related to your niche. It doesn’t matter what niche you have. If you struggle to come up with an idea, you can definitely find a product on Amazon to review. 

Just a few examples: 

Travel blogs – You can review backpacks, shoes, clothes etc.

Recipe blog – There are tons of books on healthy food, recipies, pans etc.

Fitness – There are tons of equipment for that + videos of trainings and other stuff. 

You can find anything on Amazon!

2) ClickBank

Now this platform is widely known between affiliate marketeers. The main advantage is that it has a higher commission than Amazon.

You can even find products which have a comission of 80% of the price. Meaning that if you review a $100 product and someone buys it, you get $80.

The problem with this platform is that most of your visitors don’t know about it. Most of them will have second doubts when buying from somewhere other than Amazon/Ebay/Target/Tesco/Ikea or whatever widely known store you have in your country.

ClickBank also has a high diversity of products. You will see a lot of products from ClickBank on Amazon at a lower price. Therefore, before choosing a product, I would suggest you to check both places. 

3) ShareASale

A very similar platform to ClickBank is ShareASale.

You can find products with high comission as well, you have a great diversity of products, but most of the time, those products will be a little more expensive than they are on Amazon.

Getting accepted on those platforms is a simple process. You need to assure to have at least 10-15 pages on your website and to have a decent web design. 

4) Jvzoo

I have used Jvzoo, I can tell you that it has actually over 2 milion products, but when you select a product from it, you have to make sure that it is not a scam.

At least on the Make Money Online niche, this platform is full of people trying to sell scamming products. 

You can review Scamming products on Jvzoo and offer legit products/opportunities for your costumers.

*I am not saying that all the products are scams. However, in the MMO niche, most of them are!

Other platforms

There are a lot of platforms online. However, those that I listed above are the most useful for anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing. 

One more thing which you can try, if you don’t like what you’ve found on all of those platforms, is to perform a Google search.

Let’s say that you want to find couches. 

In order to find affiliate programs which promote especially couches, you can search on google something like this “your niche + affiliate program”. 

In our case it will be “couches + affiliate program”. You don’t have to use quotes in your search :D!

That’s all for this lesson. In the next lesson I am going to discuss a little about how to select a good product.  If you have any questions, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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