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Hi, guys!


I know that I haven’t created a post in a while, but from today on the things will get back to normal!


The main idea is that I was kept busy with my MSc. For those of you who don’t know, I am studying at an MSc in Computer Science and I haven’t had any IT background before enrolling.  It was a tough semester, but eventually, I learned enough in order to take all of the exams.

Now, I know that I am late with a few posts and I will try to make up for it :D.  Starting from this week, I’ll get back to my 5 posts a week publishing frequency.

When I delayed my publishing frequency, I expected for some real impacts in my GAnalytics. Surprisingly, the things stayed almost the same, if not even better :D.

I won’t mess with the publishing frequency on purpose. However, I am planning to create a new website which will be focused on travelling. It will be something like a travel blog and a Youtube channel for it. There, I will try to play around with the publishing frequency in order to see the exact outcome.

I am not sure when I will build it. Probably later this year or during the next year. Right now I have to study a lot and to catch up with the work that I have to do for this website.

Since I am back, I am waiting for proposals on what you want to learn about either building an online business or reviewing a different product and so on. 😀  Just feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below and I will get to you as fast as I can :).



Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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