Time for Vaacaaatioon!

Hi, guys!


I’ve finally decided to take a break from the website and both I and my family decided to take a trip to the mountains :D.

This came a little unexpected since I have a lot to work to do to the website, ( right now I am working on adding e-commerce products to the website, reviewing more opportunities to earn money and creating more tutorials such as Google analytics, webmaster tools and perhaps starting to create the second Online Business Guide :D). However, working non-stop sometimes might have side effects even to the best of us. Sometimes it is better to take some time off and to come up with fresh energy.

I will be off for around 7-8 days and I have the publishing frequency almost covered. Do not worry,  I will try to get back somewhere around the midweek in order to respond to all of your comments :)!

Make sure to take a look at the new Shop Section that I have started to work on. Right there, I will start to sell a lot of products that can come in handy for your website. I will start creating even websites with lots of premium themes and other features.

Don’t worry guys, I will also post tutorials on how to make every single one of them. So it won’t be like just showing something cool and force you to buy it :D! I know that money can be a sensitive subject for some of us, therefore I will make sure to provide an alternative rather than sending you to other youtube videos or websites filled by scammers.

I will also come back in the following days with pictures from the vacation :D. Where do you like to go on vacations guys? Do you have a fav destination or do you like to wait until the last minute and go wherever the wind takes you?

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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