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5 reasons why WA is seen as a scam

Hi, guys!

Is Wealthy affiliate scam or not? Well I am going to respond to this question for you in this post.

I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, I also have a community rank of 422 at the current moment, out of over 800,000 members. Now, I have been around Wealthy Affiliate for some time and before I began, I remember that I was looking for the same answer as you are.

Don’t worry, in this post I will not sell you any “bullsh*t” like many people sell you in order to buy their program. In a few words, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. However, I understand the people that claim it to be a scam and I am going to tell you why they might have that opinion.

Reason 1) People don’t understand that this is a long term investment

As I tell everyone on my website, Wealthy Affiliate basically teaches you how to build a website, how to make money on your website and how to grow an authority in a specific niche. At the same cost, which is free, WA also provides you two websites along with hosting and support among other features.

The main problem that lot of people have is that WA will take care of anything they need and they will earn money by doing nothing. The harsh truth is that the WA is basically a Wikipedia version that teaches you how to make money by creating an online business. It doesn’t create the business for you.

An online business is almost the same with a real world business. It takes time, devotion and persistence. It takes time for your website to be trusted by Google among other search engines. It takes devotion to be able to continue when you are not seeing any results. It takes persistence to not give up and to continue on creating more and more quality content.

This is a long term investment and if you are starting from scratch, chances are that you will not see any results until the 5th month. This is because the main source of your traffic(visitors) come from people that search on google for different things. It doesn’t matter if it is google or yahoo. However, once you created your website, it won’t show on the first page from the very beginning and it won’t show even on the first 10 pages of search result.

Let me just ask you really quick, when it was the last time you went on the page 5 of Google to check for a result? I believe that the answer to that question will be “never”. Your website won’t be among the first 10 pages of results mainly because Google doesn’t trust you. All the search engines will test you during your first 4 to 5 months in order for them to assure that your website provides quality content and that you are a serious website owner.

Why? Simply think to Google, Yahoo, Ask etc. as a company. Their customers are the users that search for different stuff. If they will provide them low quality products(search results), the customers will leave and they will go on other search engines and they will lose money. So in order to assure that this won’t happen, the search engines will test your website in the first 4-5 months in order to see if you are a serious owner or you will easily give up. Therefore, in the first few months, you won’t have any visitors at all unless you promote your website through Social Media.

This is why building a website and monetizing it will be a long term investment. It won’t happen over night and whenever someone tells you that you will earn $5000 or any amount of money from having a website, you should run away as fast as you can because that is technically impossible. Except the case when you are a famous person or have a large network at your disposal or you would buy a website that already is trusted by Google and the other search engines.

 Reason 2 – People expect to work less or not at all

You have probably seen some ads that suggest that you can earn over $1000 a day or $5000 a month etc. by working 20 minutes a day. Well this is not completely wrong, but is far away from truth if you decide to build your own website and not purchase an already built one.

Earning $1000 a day is plausible and there are many people online that earn over $100k a month. That’s $3300 per day for a month of 30 days. And yes, they spend 20 minutes a day or even less, but the problem is that they spent a lot more. In fact, this is the result of usually 3-4 years of struggling. At the beginning, most successful people, that earn over $10k a month, used to work at least 30-40 hours per week and they did not earn almost anything at all for a few months.

As a website owner, your main interest is to create frequent content. For example, I am publishing around 3 posts or pages a week. The key is to post constant content in order to get ranked better in Google or other search engines. However, most of those successful people that earn over $5k a month, tend to hire freelancers that research and create content for them.  In WA, for example, there are people that publish even 14 posts a week, every week, for years. But those people have over 3-4 personal writers.

If you start and pay freelancers to do your job, you will start spending less and less time working. The trick part is that you have to struggle a lot until your website will provide you enough income to afford those writers and other employees. Indeed, if you hire a team of a SEO, two writers and one social media specialist, it will be enough for you to spend 20 minutes a week to work on your website.

So basically, it is possible to earn $1000 a day by working 20 minutes, but it is a long road ahead until you will achieve this.

Reason 3 – Overwhelming information


As I said before, Wealthy Affiliate is similar to a Wikipedia specialized in online marketing. There are literally thousands of tutorials, blogs, questions, webinars and training. Sometimes, you might have the sensation to not know what to do next. Sure, Kyle’s tutorials take you step by step, but what about after you finish them?

Building a website is like creating a presentation on an unfamiliar subject. You have access to all the information, but you don’t know how to create the structure. This can be an end of the line for people that hate doing research. Anyway, that is why I have created my Build an Online Business section of my website.

Reason 4 – Community is too friendly


It is very easy to get lost in the live chat. The main problem is that each moment that you spend on the WA website keeps you further away from creating content on your website. Sure, you will get lots of knowledge, but try to avoid as much as you can to spend time browsing for other people’s success stories, to chat with people, to write blog posts etc. This is good for your social life, but is a bad habit for  your business.

There are many people that join WA and spend many months talking and browsing for different success stories. Then, after some time they start to wonder why their website doesn’t bring them any profit… Why they don’t have any results? When in fact all they did was to spend their biggest proportion of time browsing WA stories and talking to other people via Live Chat. It is like you are watching TV and you somehow expect to get paid for it. You will not earn any money by doing that. All you need to do is to spend the minimum amount of time learning stuff from WA and to focus more time on implementing it.

Reason 5 – Not seeing results


The key element of all successful Entrepreneurs is that they had an iron will. It may sound to you as silly, but when you will create your own website and you will spend 3-4 months, you will understand what I am talking about. Not seeing results is a serious threat to your psychic. There are many people that quit because of this and they claim that is a scam or that it doesn’t work or that it is a loose of their time.

There are people at WA, such as Dom, that succeeded to earn only $50 per month by the end of his first year. However, Dom is now having his own online company and it has over 100 employees underneath him. I think that his website had a profit of over $650k for the last year. Check out his full story here. While you are reading his story, make sure to check all the comments too, there are a lot of valuable information there. Basically, everyone, including myself, asked Dom pretty much any question about his business and he takes time to respond to all the questions.

Once again, building an online business it doesn’t happen over night. It is the same as building a normal business, but with less investment. Patience, devotion and an iron will are a must and without them you will probably fail.

This is pretty much the whole discussion on “Is Wealthy affiliate scam or not?”

Now, after you read my post, please take a look on my Wealthy Affiliate review, where I present you some of the main features and tools. 


You can also click here to see my motivation page that contains some of the success stories of members from Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions at all or any feedback, write them in the comment section below and as always, I will try to respond them as soon as I can!

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33 thoughts on “5 reasons why WA is seen as a scam

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing I enjoyed reading what you had to say and you are right the money will come, but it will come in time along with putting a working system in place or putting a plant in place. Wealthy affiliate has the kind of training that can make those dreams a reality but again it comes back to following the training and putting a plan in place. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Norman!

      Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place that helps you set in motion a successful business. However, I believe that you also need to have an iron will and to never give up besides having a structured plan of action.

  2. Hi Andrei,
    Thank you for the most informative post I have seen today. I really enjoyed reading it and have found the information helpful and thorough. It has set my mind at rest and you are right, WA is not a scam and the best affiliate helping community site and program I have come across.

    1. Hi Duncan!

      Well, I am not sure that WA is the best affiliate program due to the fact that I haven’t tried out more than 20. However, from my experience, WA provided me with the best start-up package in order to create a successful online business :). I have read many complaints about other programs that had different hidden costs and I have to say that I am glad that Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them.

  3. Wow! I absolutely loved reading this post. It’s so informative and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the success stories. I am inspired from this article and extremely motivated. Thank you for sharing your information!

    1. Greetings Joanne!

      I am glad that you enjoyed my article! I hope that you will build yourself an iron will and that you will not give up until you’ve become successful!

    1. Hi Mihnea!

      Thanks for the feedback. Well, yes, truly WA is pretty addictive, but make sure to spend the minimum amount of time chatting with other people and to focus more on your business 🙂 !

  4. Excellent post, I think it is a motivation but to go forward with WA there is much to learn and share, there is also much work to do in this business, and this post encourages me to move forward in this new venture.

    1. Hi Jairo!

      I am glad to hear that! Tell me how many people succeeded at something by giving up? If you will always give up, you won’t be able to achieve anything at all. Be persistent and work hard until you will reach success!

  5. Hi Andrei,
    Your post is well written and informative. There are some who can pay to get posts written and to do other things on their site allowing then to work a few minutes daily. I am not so fortunate because I operate on a low budget.
    I do not mind working hard because I am hoping to reap the fruits of my labor. Wealthy Affiliate is a good foundation for all beginners. They will take you from start to finish.
    Thanks for a lovely post.

    1. Hi Luna!

      Well yes, there are many people that hire content writers. However, you might want to stay away from this since it has some disadvantages. I created a special post here where I illustrate some of the main disadvantages of having a content writer and an additional post here, where I present you some of the advantages of hiring one. Therefore, make sure to read both of them before you will make any rash decisions!

  6. I love your honesty about online business. There is no labor, no gain. A lot of people expect to make 1000 dollars a day without doing any work, is that possible? Money falling from the sky to grab?

    1. Hi Jaming!

      Well, to be honest it is actually possible, but not on this planet :(. I have read about a planet, I am not sure which one, where it actually rains with diamonds. Could you imagine that? Anyway, unless people don’t move to that planet, they will have to struggle to earn some money on this planet :).

  7. I 100% agree with you! I joined WA as a means to quit my day job. I know it isn’t going to happen overnight and most logical people would agree! It definitely takes time and commitment to learning. I also think you need to find something you are passionate about to have success! Thanks for the post, very insightful! 🙂 And what a great ranking you have!!! Congratulations! I know you have worked hard for that!

    1. Hi, Lindsey.

      Commitment to learning is not that important. More important is the persistence. Even if you don’t see any results, you must keep going forward and create more and more content until you reached at least 200 posts and pages relevant to your niche. You must set a goal and don’t rest until you achieve it. My goal for this website is to create at least 500 pages and posts combined and I will work hard until I will reach that.

  8. I appreciate the honesty of your post. I think most people expect to come in and just start making money off the top. How untrue as you mentioned in a sort. I tell people if it is supposed to just drop in your lap then it probably is a scam. Hard work and dedication pays off in the long run. Wealthy Affiliate provides a platform for the person who wants to carve out their success without scam tactics I would say.

    1. Hi Ronnie!

      Well you can make money in one month, but that is only if you decide to buy an already aged website which is usually around $1500-3000. This is a major investment and I would advise any new beginners to stay away from purchasing this website, since they will step in something they have no idea about.

  9. Hi Andrei,
    This post is great because it goes into detail about the different points you mention. I especially like what you wrote under reason 2 where you are a lot more specific about time frames than any other review I’ve ever read before. Most of the time, the reviews say that it will take around 3 months to see results but your 5 month time frame seems more realistic.
    Also, your detailed explanation on how it is possible to earn a lot by working very little is wonderful because it provides details on how this can be accomplished which I haven’t read before. It clarifies that it can be done but down the road after having spend a few years of hard work and once you have grown your site to the place where you can hire others to do a lot of the work for you.
    Thank you for the article. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Chris!

      Thank you for your feedback! I try t be as honest as I can about anything I write on my website. I hope that everyone that has a doubt about this wonderful community will take the time to read this post before giving up.

  10. Just started with WA recently. I appreciate this article and agree completely, I have been stumbling around making money online for years now and did not take the time to really look at what needed to be done. I may have an iron will when i comes to showing up for work but I didn’t take the time to connect it to doing it for my own business. I want to work for me. these are good words and should be understood by anyone trying to be successful online.

    1. Greetings Jeffrey!

      Thank you for for your feedback! The best advice I can give you is to start and work for yourself and to never give up. There will be a lot of people, mostly your loved ones, that will tell you to give up. Be prepared to sacrifice your time, because if you don’t sacrifice it, you won’t make it far. Take time, check my tips here, make sure you follow up the Wealthy affiliate training and at each task try to make twice the expected effort they tell you to do. Instead of creating 20 pages until you pass to the next lesson, create 40. There are no shortcuts to your success. Treat your website as your own company. Don’t think that it is just a website, here most people fail. It is indeed your own company, you create what is it about and you decide its whole fate.

  11. I like your breakdown on why Wealthy Affiliate is thought to be a scam. Yes if you are not ready to work at it you will fail. Yes you can get lost in the information but it is put together in segments. Just follow them and you will be alright.

    1. I think the main problem is that people are not used with long-term investments. For must of use when we joined WA, was the first time when we had to deal with a long-term investment. People need to re-adjust their perspective and to not expect instant results :).

  12. Hi. I really liked this post. I also think that the biggest reason why people see WA as a scam, is that they are soooo used to the rich quick-schemes scams that they have lost touch with reality. People give WA a try, and after 1 week they assume it’s a scam, because they didin’t make 100s of dollars within that short period of time, like the previous scams promised them. Funny how WA never promises any fortune over night, and yet they claim to have been scammed. People are desperate more or less, they want to get out of their current situation fast. Building your business should be fun most of all, and it will be fun as long as you allow it!

    Cheers /Henric

    1. Hi, Henric!

      People are desperate for results. I can tell this because I am in the same category. I gamble on football championships on legal websites and I can’t wait more than 1 day to check the results. However, I and other people that are in the same category as me should start to get used to the fact that some methods require more time to see results. This is a new field for everyone and not being able to see instant results it’s a major holdback for everyone that never invested time or money in a long term process.

  13. I really liked this article. the truth is that most a lot of people who get the idea that making money online from home is for them get caught up on the idea of working very little and receiving so much. That couldn’t possibly be farther from the truth. Or at least at first 😉 Hours must be spent on the battlefield and as a new website owner learning how to do everything can take a bit more time than the actual work itself. But thats ok! It comes with the territory. Anything new must be learnt and making a “successful” website is no different. Thanks for the excellent reading material. For those who are ready to stop wasting real money on real crap WA is the answer to your problem. I have searched for years for a system that works. I always knew that I could be my own boss and run my own profitable business. All i needed was the tools. I found them here with Wealthy Affiliate 😉

    1. Hello, Justin!

      Indeed, it takes a lot of time to discover how the things work on their own. You can read all the tutorials you want and see thousands of webinars. However, until you will try yourself you won’t be able to understand it completely. It took me quite a while to figure all the things out and I am still learning new things every day :D!

  14. Great post! I actually went to look up some information about WA being a scam because of one of the reasons that you talk about “community is too friendly” But I am happy with the results 😀 Thank you for the information!

    1. Hi, Javiera!

      This is a real issue :D. I see lots of new members on a daily basis that are active on the Live chat and after 2-3 hours when I go back to WA, I still see them being there and chatting with other people. It takes around 30-40 minutes for me to create a 1000 words article. Imagine if I spend all that time on the website creating articles. In 3 hours I would have around 6 articles which is enough to assure my Publishing Frequency for a week and two days.

  15. Great post and very informative . I only join WA a week ago and i think its great, yes its a bit overwhelming but most things new are like this and they have a step by step system that is easy to follow

    1. Hi, James!

      I am glad that you decided to join Wealthy Affiliate :)! Yes, the information at the beginning and actually a few months after the beginning tends to be overwhelming, but with time you will figure all out. Make sure to check my Online Business guide in order to find more information. I will also suggest you to take a peek at my Website Tips and Tutorials in order to discover more useful tricks that will help you in improving your audience’s experience.

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