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Hi, guys!

Today we are going to discuss about The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool.

In order to find the keyword tool, you need to to the left sidebar and right under the Tools section you will see the text Keyword Tool near the icon of a magnifier.

As a free member within the Wealthy Affiliate, you are entitled to 30 searches. After that, you will need to upgrade in order to be able to use it again.

As a PREMIUM member you can abuse the Keyword Tool as much as you want!


 How it works?

The first thing you want to do is to take a couple of minutes and think about a topic in your niche.

For example, if your niche is about cat behavior, you can add in the search bar “the position of tail in cat behavior”. Try to look for something specific, not something general.

Glossary of terms

Keyword: In this column, it is shown your keyword and similar keywords.

Searches: This column represents the number of monthly searches for that specific keyword.

Traffic: This column represents the number of traffic your site might get if it’s ranked on the first position in the SE.

Competition: It represents the number of websites who use the same keyword.

Article Power: This is based on a mixture of the strength of other sites and the quantity of them. It is letting you know how well your articles (and pages and posts too) will potentially rank.

PPC Power: This is similar to article power, but is referring to any paid adverts you might have, such as using Google AdWords.

Dig: If you have found a keyword that looks interesting to you, you can click the “dig” icon to do another search based on this keyword. Searching for “seo content writing” came up with more than 20 results. Clicking “dig” on one of those will come up with more keywords that might stem from that first one. NB, you can’t “dig” the first keyword, because that is what you just did.

The main thing you would like to look for is for a group of words  with a competition of less than 100 and minimum monthly searches of over 100.

Once you find a good keyword, make sure to save it to a list. You can do that by clicking on the empty box before the keyword and then by scrolling up or below the results and clicking on the Save to List blue button. You can create an unlimited number of lists.

This is pretty much all about the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. 

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