The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Membership

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In this post, I am going to talk about The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Membership. I know,  I know, you probably had enough of all those Black Friday promotions. I get it, I am human too… LOL 😀

I know, I’ve seen the news that almost everywhere on the planet, the strategy is that in October everyone raises their price with 50% or even 100% more than the previous price and on the black Friday they return to the initial price.


Yeah, that’s what sales are about. However, there are a few promotions which actually have a lower price than during the year. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. In case that you don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is, click here in order to read my review: Wealthy Affiliate Honest review.


Now, I promise that I won’t bull*hit you. Okay, the main idea is that Wealthy Affiliate has 3 types of memberships.

The first one is a free membership which limits you to 2 websites per account. The second one is a $19 in the first month and $49 after that. Here you have access to everything, but you have a limit of 50 websites… Now, I am not sure how many websites will you build. However, from my experience, I succeeded in creating only a website in a year(this one). I think that 50 websites is far more than enough.

As I told, this premium membership, after the first probation month, would cost you $49. That would be $588 per year.

Yeah… But is very expensive Andrei… What the hell?!


Yes, I agree with you and so does The Wealthy Affiliate University. Remember that I told you that there are 3 types of memberships? Up until now, I only described 2. Therefore, the last membership is a yearly membership which is far cheaper rather than being a premium member.

Its price is $365 per year or $1 per day for a year. It is one-time payment and basically, you will save $223.


Hmm, that sounds like a good deal… So, I suppose this is the Black Friday Deal??


Not even close.


Wealthy Affiliate has a Black Friday deal on its yearly membership. As I mentioned above, the yearly membership costs $365 per year.

In order for everyone to afford to have their own online business, Kyle & Carson(WA Co-Founders) decided to launch a Black Friday deal.


Instead of $365, the yearly membership will be $299!



Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Membership


So, what exactly does this mean?


Well, this will give you access to:

  • Hosting for 50 websites for a year;
  • Possibility to build 50 websites with over 30 gb storage – individually;
  • Keyword Tool;
  • Online Entrepreneurship training + Webinars + Community training;
  • Live chat such that you can ask for help from anyone who is online(over 800,000 registered members);
  • Training that covers Affiliate Marketing, E-mail Marketing, SEO, Content Writing and pretty much everything you need in order to build and to grown your own personal business;
  • 25 Free SSL certificates;
  • Unlimited Personalized E-mails;
  • Access to over 2000+ themes;
  • And many more things. Basically, if I were to share everything I know about WA, it would take me at least a week.

Here are other technical details about the websites:


Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Membership


Since it is Black Friday, Let’s Make a Deal!


1) You go right now and read my whole review on Wealthy Affiliate, where I share the bad and the good things about it.


Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review
                                                                                Why People Say Wealthy Affiliate is A Scam


2) After you read the review, if you have any questions you share them with me and I will answer ASAP.


Scroll below this post and ask as many questions as you want. I promise that I will be as honest as I can!


3) If you’re satisfied with my review, what WA has to offer and my answers, You join WA right here.


Join Black Friday Yearly Membership Here.


*You need to join through this link in order to unlock the Black Friday price. If you join in through other links, you will need to pay the full price for the yearly membership.

Hurry up! There are less than 13 Hours until the Promotion expires!!!!

That’s all on The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Yearly Membership. If you have any questions, feel free to share them with me below. But before you rush is, please make sure to read the posts that I shared!




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