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In this post I am going to review The SEO Perfection guide and tell you why it is a scam and why you should put away your wallet!

By learning and applying SEO(Search Engine Optimize) for a whole year, you will start to clearly see through those scams.

Now, learn this from me. Whenever someone says that they perfectly know how to SEO your website, run away from them. Run as fast as you can.

To SEO a website it means to optimize your website such that it will appear in the front page of Google. Every result has a position. The first result, if it is not an ad, it is considered to be Rank #1.

The tricky part is that Google and other search engines frequently change their algorithms which are used to rank the websites. They do that in order for people to not be able to create new websites and to get on the front page of Google all the time. 

Why is the ranking so important for Google? Well, Google is a business. They earn money especially from the people that pay for ads. Now, in order for them to charge people a lot of money for ads, they need to have a lot of traffic, right?

Their traffic, bassicaly is represented by those people who want to find something on the internet. Even yourself, when you are trying to search for something on Google, you basically become part of the traffic.

Now just imagine if Google will rank any website on the front page. If they rank a website which is new on the market, on the front page, they will risk for that website to offer poor quality information to the traffic which Google will send to it. 

Imagine that you search for a math formula. You then, click on the first link and you don’t find what you want. For example, you could find a review about african bananas. If this happens to you, then most certainly, you will go on another search engine to search for your math formula and Google will loose the traffic. 

If Google loses the traffic, then it losses the customers. It is simple logic. 

In order to avoid someone to have all his websites on the front page, Google changes its algorithms from time to time.

Therefore, it is impossible for someone to say that they master SEO. It changes from time to time! It is not like a math formula which will stay the same in the next 40 years. 

Now, as I said, I have learned how to do SEO and I also implemented it. I got multiple times on the front page of Google. My personal record, which I feel proud of is that I succeeded in creating a post from scratch, got it indexed in Google and got it on the Rank #1 in Google in 4 minutes. Here is a full page with some of my accomplisments in Google.

The SEO Perfection Scam Review 2017 2018

Ok. I have to admit it that the quality of your content plays a big role in website ranking. However, what I feel obliged to mention is that to create good content is only the beginning. 

In order for Google to trust you, you will have to have a good publishing frequency.

Honestly, I believe that this is one of the most important things that you need to respect in order for Google to respect you back. What does it mean to have a publishing frequency?

A publishing frequency means to create a fixed number of posts/pages and to publish them each week. 

For example, if this week I decide to create 2 posts, then the next week and the week after that and actually in the next two-three months I will need to create and publish 2 posts every week. 

You will need to be constant. To keep it the same. For instance, if this week you create 10 posts and the next week you create 2 posts, Google won’t take into account that you created 10 posts. It will say something like “Yeah… That was one time only, the owner gone berserk, but it won’t happen anymore”.  Therefore, they won’t rank you any higher just because you decided to increase the number of posts published for two-three weeks.

Once you increased the amount of postss that you have published, you will need to keep it the same for months and months, until you decide to increase it again. 

Okay, Andrei, but what would be an ideal publishing frequency? How many posts should I publish a week?

This depends only on how motivated are you to succeed. For example, I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of programming that I need to learn for my MSc and by the programming that I need to learn for 2 separate traineeships, but somehow, I still find enough time to create 5 new posts every week. 

I would say that idealy for a newbie would be to start and create 3 posts for 2 months straight. eWhen he/she finally gets to the point where it can create an 1000 words article in less than 30 minutes, it should increase the publishing frequency. 

I am sure that you will learn how to write a post by acquiring this article. However, I am sure that all that information you can find just by browsing the internet and searching from it. As a matter of fact I even have one a training for that… Lol. Here’s the link.

So, is SEO Perfection a Scam?

SEO Perfection is a SCAM because they claim that it takes for someone to only know how to write content and how to optimize it in order for their post to get to the front page of Google, when in fact there are very very more things that one needs to take into account.

Just a few things that pay a role in website ranking: Duplicate Content, OFF page SEO, Amount of shares, visitor engagement, Image Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Core links, Publishing frequency, Age of the Site, Name of the Domain, The Niche in which the site is, website Sitemap, G+ profile, Google Fetch, number of plugins, number of JavaScript functions, Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors, Mobile friendliness, the number of H1/H2/H3/H4 headings, link friendliness, grammar mistakes, number of external links, having Google ads, number of Google ads, the number of words in a post, the amount of comments, the owner’s engagement and so on. 

Those are just the things that I could think of right now, but I am sure that I could get a lot more things if I will try to think of for a few minutes. 

So, from where can I actually learn all that stuff?

Well, I am not going to lie to you and to tell you that my site is the only solution. I think that most of them you can find online. However, the problem with that is that you risk to encounter marketeers that pretend to know how SEO works and that will ask you money in order to teach you. Perhaps they will teach you something, but don’t hope to actually be useful. After I listed above a few things that will help you rank your website, I am pretty sure that the owner of SEO Perfection hasn’t even tried to apply what he/she says. Just try to read a lot of forums, watch a lot of Youtube videos and whenever someone will tell you that you need to buy this AWESOME guide in order for your website to get on rank #1, just move to other videos/forums/blog posts.

As I mentioned above, I have learned all of that in the last year. Now, if you are interested in taking the same path that I did, then I recommend you to check my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s all on SEO Perfection Scam Review. If you have any questions, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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