The prizes on Baymack increased!!

Hi, guys!

Have you been lately on Baymack? What happened to it? Let me tell you :D!


I’ve been a member of Baymack for a few months now and I can tell that during the past month(January), both the number of prizes and the number of prizes have increased.

If I recall correctly, in the beginning of January, there were around 30,000 $0.01 prizes on Baymack. Today there are over 380,000 prizes. So what is the cause of this increment?

Well, it turns out that Angie, the owner of Baymack, has actually closed two of her businesses: Snuckls and Flamzy. Many reasons might have led to this, but in my opinion, I think that she wasn’t earning enough money in order to support to pay the users.

Angie, as far as I know, has two businesses right now: Baymack and Skylom. Both use the same principle. You need to watch a number of videos, 4 for Skylom and 5 for Baymack, in order to get a ticket. The slight difference is that on Skylom there is a Jackpot draw from 5 to 5 minutes.

By closing the two businesses, I think that the owner invested the gain profit from them into Baymack and Skylom.


So, what is the chance for Angie to close Baymack as well?

Well, I think that for the moment, this is out of discussion. I think that while she has enough people who watch youtube videos, the business will run on profit. She still has money left from Snuckls and Flamzy for the worse days. I think that the only moment when we will have to worry will be when fewer and fewer people will watch videos. Today, there are over 380,000 entries and there are more than 6 hours left until the Jackpot draw whilst in the beginning of January, there were no more than 150,000 entries.


That’s it for this post guys, if you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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4 thoughts on “The prizes on Baymack increased!!

  1. Last week I won $5 but I did not received it on my wallet. What happened? Someone also chat me with the same question in mind

    1. Hi, there!

      I am not sure why is that. I haven’t spent time on Baymack lately. However, I’ve been earning money at Skylom and I had no trouble in redeeming it. The payment it usually showed up in the next day in my Paypal account. I think that you will need to contact Angie :D.

    2. I’m starting to think something’s not right. Even the 30 day challenge has been cancelled for no reason at all. Hmm.. That’s questionable indeed

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