The Make Money & Travel Scam Review

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Today I am going to review The Make Money & Travel Scam.  In this post I am going to tell you why I have reasons to believe it to be a scam and why you should stay away from it.

Make Money And Travel Scam October 2017

So the program belongs to a guru called Dave, who states that after some time he finally decided to share the secrets he uses in order to help you to earn money while you travel… How convenient, right? 

Okay. So Dave tells us that if we take his BRAND NEW COURSEE, we will be able to earn online $500 per day, we could travel the country and for that we don’t need neither an email list, prior experiece or schemes or pyramids.

They way I see it, if you don’t need experience, you will be able to travel the country and you don’t need any email list… What Dave actually sells us is the answer to all of our prayers.

By scrolling down on their landing page(, Dave assures us  once again that we don’t need no Technical experience… which is kinda weird. 

We also find out that we don’t need a Website, marketing lessons, once agian an email list and this time he tells us that we don’t need affiliate marketing.

Well, if we take into consideration all of this, for me who I actually spent a lot of months and read hundreds of opportunities on how to earn money online, this starts to limitate a lot of ways to earn money online. 

The real options would’ve been a travel blog, but he just mentioned us that we don’t need no website. 

Without a pyramid scheme, email list and website, the next best thing I believe that will be for us to have a Social Media travelling Page. But this is just my assumption. Let’s continue on reading for now what Dave has to say.

Ok… So now, Dave tells us to build a real business. 

What’s the problem with that? Well, basically it takes a lot of time and technical knowledge in order to learn to how to do it.

We are almost at the bottom of the opportunity and Dave hasn’t told us anything yet about what he actually done. Up until know, he wrote around 5-6 paragraphs telling us that we are not doing Affiliate Marketing, Ponzi Schemes, Building an E-mail list, Drop-Shipping and that we don’t need any experinece for that. Ok… there is still two more paragraphs. Let’s hope that there we will find out what we will actually do. 

Dave Make Money And Travel Scam Review 2017

Well, guess what. We basically got ZERO information on what we will actually do. Instead we get spammed for the 5th time with the yellow CLICK NOW TO JOIN RIGHT NOW EARLY BIRD OMG button  and once again, DAVE tells us that this is not a LIST BUILDING, AFFILIATE MARKETING, PYRAMID Scheming thing…

Then WTH it is DAVE? You created a whole page and a video telling us what we’re not going to do and somehow you didn’t even wrote a single sentence with what we are going to do. 

What is your awesome secret on which basically we don’t need to know ANYTHING at ALL and we will be able to earn $500 per day or $15,000 per month ?!

Moreover, if you indeed earn $15,000 per month, why will you just out of the sudden share your secret with the whole internet? 

And one more thing. How is it that we only see a picture of ” Dave ” which doesn’t look at all with how he looks in the video? 

Ok… maybe… just maybe I am retarded and they are one and the same person. Then why does he just put only pictures?

I mean, when I will share my own Secret success recipe, I will create videos, where I can be clearly seen in all of the amazing places that I’ve been travelling. 

This + the fact that we took time to hear a 3 min youtube video, which btw if we check the Youtube channel we will see that there is only one video uploaded, and we still have absolutely no ideea of what we are going to do makes me believe that this is just a scam.

Even if by some miracle, he will suggest to create an Instagram account or Fb account and share travelling photos… That way it will take us a LOT of time in order to gain the followers that will help us earn $500 per day. We would need somewhere like 40-50k followers.

And how will we even monetize those social media accounts without affiliate marketing?! Just by adding ads? That’s pretty hardcore… It will take at least 2-4 years of daily work in order to get to that point. 

Ok, but how could I earn some money?

To be honest, there is no easy way to earn money either online or in the real world. The best way will be to create an online business(an website) around anything you want.

The next step will be to create content that targets specific words in order to help you get traffic from Google or Yahoo or other search engines. 

Once you have a website and traffic, there will be a lot of ways to earn money from it such as Affiliate Marketing(check here what that really is), adding ads, selling your product and many other things. See here how to earn money through a website.

If you are a complete newbie to all of these and want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, E-mail Marketing, Creating and operating on a Website, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization(SEO – in order to bring your website on the front page of the search engines) and other significant stuff, I recommend you to take a look at my review on The Wealthy Affiliate University. This is the place where I learned everything I know today about having an online business.  😀

That’s pretty much all on The Make Money & Travel scam review. If you have any other questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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    1. Hi, Sunaina!

      I am glad that you enjoyed my article! 😀

      I will definitely do that. I will create 4-5 posts every Monday evening for a while since I am trying to learn a few programming languages for my master. Once I’m done with the learning, I will change the publishing and I will create and publish a different post in 5 different days, every week!

      For now, you can visit every Tuesday in order to catch up with my latest reviews. 🙂

      Have a nice day,

  1. Recently started a travel blog, although I am still building it. I have seen reasons to put much effort on it. I never knew there are affiliates programs for travel blogs. After fixing the blog, I will try them out. Currently, I am using only adsense on it.

    1. Hi, Alena!

      Well, it is all about creativity. For example, at a travel blog you can review pretty much everything. If you make a post about London, I think that there are some attractions which have in affiliate system and if people buy tickets through your referral link, you will get a commission. You can also review backpacks, jackets and many more things :D. I also intend to create a travel blog, but when I will have some free time… LOL :D. Let me know how things evolve for you!



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