The Jewish-Japanese Sex and Cook Book and How to Raise Wolves

Hi, guys!

Quite a great title for this post, right?

Have to admit it that I stole it from a famous book by Douglas.

What does it make so fascinating? Well, the main idea is that the book doesn’t have anything related with raising wolves and stuff like that. It is a marketing scheme.

It is a marketing scheme and it is a good one if we take a look at the Amazon reviews.

The main idea is that you can create a thing, a product, a service and no one will buy it. Even if you sell gold and your competitors sell bronze, the interested customers will still not buy it.

And who can blame them?!

If you just launched, people will never trust you. For example, when was the last time when you’ve gone shopping and you chose a brand which you never head before? I bet that most of you will go and buy from the famous brands. At least that is what I do.

Now, in order to increase your chance in order to get customers, creating and developing a quality product/service is sometimes not enough. You have to be creative. You need something to stand out of the crowd.

For example, in our case, the title pays a significant role. It raises curiosity and to be honest I am planning to buy the book as well in the near future. The more you can stand out of the crowd, the better the chance to succeed.

So, how can you apply the same process to your website?

There isn’t a “rule”. Just think of something that is funny around your niche and try to put a joke or something similar in the title. I can’t tell you for sure what your audience will want. As a matter of fact, nobody can ever tell that. You just have to do A/B testing and see what it works out. Avoid to sound like everyone else in your current niche and people will start to like you.

That’s pretty much all on today’s blog post. If you have any questions or want my opinion on different titles, then feel free to comment in the comment section below!

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