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Today I am going to review the DFY Amazing Amazon Store. This is another opportunity from TechZavy and in this review I will explain it to you in order to understand what you will actually buy. 

Now, I have to admit it that this isn’t the first time I review a product from them. I actually reviewed 3 products which were scams: Daily Traffic Stream, 5 Steps To High- Success and AutomaticTii.

Don’t jump quick to conclusion and say that this is a scam as well. As a matter of fact this isn’t a scam. But it still is far from truth.

So if you were to listen to the video(you can see here), you will understand that in this offer, you will pay them in order for them to build you an Amazon store.

Now, as a person which has his Amazon Store implemented on a website too, I must say that this is entirely possible. You can add any project from Amazon on your site in a store format. 

There are multiple problems with that. First of all, building and hosting an Amazon store is completely free. The main problem is that you will need to host your store on your website. You will need to have a website and to host it somewhere in order to begin. 

Now, I’ve listened to the video for 5 times, but nowhere tells you that in the package you have included a website as well. They just mention that they will build the Store. 

Another problem is that in order to be able to sell any product from Amazon(this is called affiliate marketing) you will need to get approved as an affiliate partner. In order to get approved, they will want to see your website. You should have around 10-20 posts on your website and to be indexed in Google.


  • Yeah, Andrei, but they could use their own website and to simply create the store… I don’t need to have my own website for this, right?”


The problem with that is once you become an affiliate partner of Amazon, you will get your own unique referral link. What I am saying is that if you will use their account and you will have around 1000 or 10000 products on your store, whenever someone will buy a product, they will be the one that will earn the commission from it. 

Of course, all of this is referring to the scenario when you want to promote other people’s products from Amazon. In case you want to promote your own product, you can easily use an WordPress plugin(WooCommerce). It is free to use and it will look even more nice than an Amazon Store. See below examples of them.

Now, what you need to understand. The Amazon Store will always look the same. You can’t change nothing about it.

At a WooCommerce store, on the other hand, you can change anything you want. 

From the price, to the color of the button to adding new products, changing the images and so on. You can do pretty much whatever you want with an E-commerce store. 

I had both of them and I must say that the WooCommerce is my favorite. 

* I am not sure, but a few weeks ago I believe that I read that Amazon announced the end of the Amazon Store. 

So this is pretty much about the store part of the offer. Now, let’s get to the second part. The young lady somewhere during the video said something like “It’s simple like that, we build the store and you will be able to make sales.”

To quote president Trump “Sounds good, doesn’t work!” 

The main problem is that now, you will have a store. However, the problem is that you will need people to come to your store. You will need traffic.

In order to get traffic you will either do SEO(Search Engine Optimization), which takes you around 6-8 months to start to have or to use ads, which will cost you around $5000-10000. 

The third option will be to have a social media account with thousands of followers. But don’t believe for a second that getting thousands of followers will be easy. It will take you at least a few years if you’re not investing money in Social Media ads. 

Technically you can make a sale right away as they say, but only if you apply one of those 3 options. 

It is never that easy.

-> Yes, you can add any items you want.


-> Yes, all stock supplied by Amazon, since you take the products and the store from Amazon…LOL


-> Customers place items in your basket, buy … and you get paid!


Hold on a little… Has any of you(my readers) ever tried to sell something to someone?

It doesn’t matter what.

This is not just like a person comes to your store, sees the product and buys it.

It is never that easy. First they take a good look at the product description, features and so on. 

Then, they save the link for later in order to have a second look. After that, everyone will think if they actually NEED that product. 

Then they will calculate if their budget allows them to buy that product. Then they ask their familly/ friends if they are okay with him/her purchasing that and ONLY after that they will purchase the product.


Imagine yourself going shopping. I personally go like 2-3 times a week. How many times you take products from the shelfs and in the end you decide that you actually don’t need that product? 

For me it happens all the time… Lol.

The same is for everyone. 

Therefore, don’t even imagine that if 100 people come to your store, all 100 will buy the product. Our of all 100, be glad if even 5 people will buy it!

This is what a conversion rate is. All businesses have a conversation rate between 1-15%. In my business guide I usually assume a conversation rate of 1%. 


Now, that we became aware of that, the next funny part is “you get paid”.


You get paid… Well, what you get paid? If you decide to advertise other people’s product, be sure that you won’t get paid the whole value of the product!!

Every time you make a sale on Amazon by promoting other people’ products you will earn a commission of that product.

Usually the commission, depending on the category of the product(gardening, videogames, beauty, luxury etc.) varies from 1% to 10% of the value of the product. 

Therefore don’t even imagine that you advertise a product of $100 and 100 people will come and 1 out of 100 will buy the product and you will earn $100. 

You will earn $10 in the best case scenario!

-> You can customize EVERYTHING in your store!

Very wrong. As a matter of fact you can’t customize anything at all. You can only add and remove products!

-> We BUILD and we HOST for you!

Yeah… That’s pretty hard. It took me more than 10 minutes in order to learn how to do that.

You host it where exactly? How you build it? Are you going to create an account for us? Or you build it on your account and you leave your referral link?

-> Own your stores FOREVER!

Well… not exactly… As I mentioned above, I am pretty sure that Amazon decided to put an end to those stores.

Now for a minute let’s assume that this is not true. 

In order for Amazon to not shut down your Account, you will need to make at least 8 sales within the first 6 months. Let’s assume the worst. 1% conversion rate.

Then you need to have 800 people which are interested within the niche that you are advertising!

How will you get this traffic? I already told you that it will take 6-8-10 months to get traffic for free by using SEO.


I’m not even wasting time to discuss each “testimonial”.  However, notice that nobody says that I’ve got the website in one month and I am already making sales? That’s because it is impossible.


So, how can I get a store?

Well, I think that the best thing for you to do is to get a WordPress website(like mine) and to add the WooCommerce plugin on it. 

You don’t have to own a product in order to put the WooCommerce plugin. You can get your referral link from Amazon and copy paste it in your WooCommerce product. I didn’t create a training on that yet, but if you are really interested in it, then leave a comment below! 😀

Therefore, the first step for you will be to create and have your own website. I would suggest you to take a look at my #1 Recommendation since this is the place where I host all of my websites and where I have learned everything that I know today. Here’s the whole review.


That’s all of DFY Amazing Amazon Store Review. If you have any other questions left, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below.




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