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Daily Traffic Stream Scam Review

Hi, guys!

Welcome to the Daily Traffic Stream Scam review. In this post I am going to present you what The Daily Traffic Stream is and also I am going to tell you why you should avoid it!

Daily Traffic Stream Scam Review

As they say, the goal of Daily Traffic Stream is to lead visitors to your website in exchange for money. 

At a glance, even the title is a little bit suspicious. Why do they say that we will get 12,000 to 15,000 Visitors per day and just 1 row below they say that this is between 400 to 500 visitors per day.

I am no Einstein, but in my math 12,000 visitors is quite far away from 400, more precisely 30 times far away.

Ok, let’s say that this is just an occurence. Let’s go more in-depth. 

Daily Traffic Stream Scam review 2017

By scrolling down, we find out that the 12,000-15,000 visitors which in the main heading were per day, they were actually per month.

Hmm, that’s more okay. Now, a simple graph it’s thrown out of nowhere. They don’t tell what website is that, what niche is that, who are the owners… We got nothing. 

We only got a graph that shows as 13,494 clicks between somewhere at the beginning of September up to the end of 24th of September.

The lack of information at this point is a little concerning. Meaning that, ok… You got traffic, but in what niche? What is the quality of traffic? How is your conversion rate?… No detail at all.

We only see a graph that could easily be photoshop… I’m not suggesting that this is the art of a freelancer from fiverr or other places. Ok, maybe I am a little paranoid… Let’s just scroll further away!

Daily Traffic Stream Techzavy

So, their offer is to provide you with 500 visitors per day for 30 days for 17.97(The price is always the same).

Ok… I think I know what we’re dealing with. So basically, they send either bots or traffic from sites such as Swagbucks and Cashcrate.

I know this since visiting sites on CashCrate & Swagbucks was my favorite method to earn money. In order to understand, if the traffic comes from real humans, those humans basically are members of platforms similat to Swagbucks and usually they get a few pennies in order to browse a website for 30 seconds. 

That’s right, 30 seconds. 

What you have to understand is that those people earn money in order to visit your site. Therefore, this is just poor quality traffic.

By quality traffic, in general I mean that you will receive some traffic that will convert. That you will receive visitors that will decide to purchase your product or service that you review. 

Those people, once again if they are people, come to your website in order to earn a few pennies from this guys. They DON’T come to your website in order to SPEND MONEY!!!!!

Don’t even think about the fact that they will decide to stay more than 1 minute on your website. If they do this(getting payed to visit websites), as quickly as they are allowed(usually 30 secs), they will leave your website in order to visit other websites. After all, that’s how they earn money, remember? 


 So, how can you be sure that this is a scam? 


Well, in theory this is not exactly a scam, since you will pay money in order to receive traffic. However, if you want to receive traffic that will buy the product you review or that at least will join your newsletter or something else, I can assure you that you’re just throwing money in vain!

Another proof is that those scammers didnt even cared that much in order to tell a few things about themselves. There is no introduction video, no information about the owners of the program and moreover, the thing which shows how lazy they are, is that if you take a closer look at the picture that I screenshot above, you will see that they didn’t even took the time to create a button for the “Get Daily Traffic Stream” button.

It is just a picture. You can see the different font in the background and moreover you can see the Pinterest logo which appears when you hover your mouse over a picture. 

If they are too lazy to create a video for their own product and even to create a button in wordpress which can be done in 5 minutes(Here’s the training if you’re interested… LOL), than just imagine how much time they will spend to bring you quality traffic which is actually interested in your niche… LOL.

I bet that in 1-2 months they will take down their website and just run with the money.

So, how can you get quality traffic?

Being a website owner, one of my main  interests is to have traffic on my website. What am I doing is to SEO(Search Engine Optimize) my website such that when people will search for something RELATED TO MY NICHE, in Google, my website will appear in the first 2 pages of results. 

Those are my stats in the last month. In order to assure that is not fake, please notice my pic in top right and my sidebar at the top of the images with my bookmarks. That sidebar appears in almost all of my screenshots in over 120 posts. 

Now, that we acknowledge its authenticity, let’s focus on the fact traffic.

As you can see, I have over 2,500 sessions in the past, mainly from Google searches, but also up to 5-10% from the other engines. 

Now, why are those important?

They are important because targeted traffic, that was interested in the product or the service that I review, came straight from Google itself to my website.

Therefore, I was able to get real people that weren’t comming to my website just to earn a few pennies. 

Ok, so how can I get targeted traffic for my business/blog?

Trust me or not, but a few months ago I had no idea about SEO or about how to do anything on my website.

Right now, I am on the front page of Google/ Yahoo/ Bing/ Yandex with a lots of posts. Here’s the proof.

So, I learned all of what I know today, by being member of Wealthy Affiliate. Before I drop you the link to my review, I would like to mention that Wealthy Affiliate is a community that offers courses/webinars/live help with a lot of things in order to help Entrepreneurs all around the glove to set up a successful online business.

Their courses may vary from SEO to Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Creating Quality Content and a lot of other stuff.

Here’s the link to my Wealthy Affiliate review

That’s pretty much all on The Daily Traffic Stream Scam review. If you have any other questions, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!



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