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Today I am going to talk about Techzavy and their new scam of the week: AutomaticTii. In this review, I am going to tell you exactly why I consider it a scam. Therefore, take a few minutes in order to save money. I will also recommend you a better way to get valuable traffic for your website, which I am currently using. 😀

Now, for those of you that have been around my site, you would know that I already have done 2 reviews on their products. It is not that I am targeting them or anything like that. It is just very easy to review their “opportunities” because they are extremely shady. 

So, TechZavy basically I believe that is a company which every month launches a few products which aim to bring traffic to your website. You can read here some of my reviews on them: 5 Steps To High- Success & Daily Traffic Stream.

Now, this new opportunity, called  “AutomaticTii” is exactly the Daily Traffic Stream opportunity, but with another name and a video.

Even though, this time they seemed to listen to my advise and add a video of a pretty girl to present the opportunity, it doesn’t necessary make this opportunity as legit. 

Hey TechZavy, if you read my review, please next time make the person that is speaking to at least tell her/his name and at dunno… Just give some details about the program.

So the main idea this time is that people waste a lot of time in order to get traffic from Google. Ok… I can’t deny that since it is true. Another affirmation is that people also spend lots of money on Fb ads and somehow, they find the perfect solution to bring you 15,000 visitors on a period of 30 days.


It is all fine and dandy until we actually start to think about it. 

What I meant by that? 

Well, going the old fashion way surely will take you a lot of time( months to be pricesely). However, it has the advantage that you will get targeted traffic to your website.

What’s Targeted traffic? 

The targeted traffic is exactly what you won’t get by acquiring their service.

By targeted traffic I understand people who come to your website(who are interested within your niche) and who will buy the service that you offer or who will at least share your page/post on a social media.


Yes, I have no doubt that they will send you 15,000 visitors. However, do you notice that nowhere in the video or within the page they don’t mention what type of traffic you get? 

They don’t event mention if the traffic comes from real people.

Wait… What?! 

Yeah, that’s right… As far as we can know they can easily program bots to visit your website and to state that “Well, we’ve got our end of bargain, what else do you want? We just promised you that you’ll get traffic on your website. Nothing more.”

Okay… for the sake of conversation… Let’s assume that this traffic is actualy from human beings.

In this case, I have to let you know that there are online programmes, such as Swagbucks, Cashcrate which pay people in order to visit and stay 30 seconds(at least) on a website.

Now, this is fine. You’ll get a human being on your website. However, that is still not good.

You see, all those people are basically scrolling on other people’s website in orde to get money. 

Do you believe that they have enough money in order to acquire your product or your service? I don’t think so!

They earn around $0.05 in order to visit your website for 30 seconds. Don’t even believe that they will stay on your website after the minimum amount of time passes. They will go straight away to the other websites in order to earn more money. 

Don’t even believe that they will spread the news by sharing your post… LOL. It will never happen.

Therefore, those are the main reasons why you shouldn’t even think about purchasing their services. 

Notice that it doesn’t state anywhere the nature of the traffic? 

The scam has everything it needs for a modern scam. 

Video done by who knows who – Checked.

Literally zero information about the traffic nature – Checked.

Waisting time explaining why other opportunities(Google Traffic, Fb ads) are inferior to this – Checked.

Stating that there are only X  products left – Checked.

Warning you that the price will increase – Checked.


What I find funny is that they state “I will personally drive traffic for you!”. 

Scuze me, but who even are you?!?! Cuz I’m pretty sure that you’re not the pretty girl from the video… LOL.

 Well, those are pretty much the reasons why I believe it is a scam. Even though, you will get your visitors, you will not obtain anything at all. You won’t get not a single sale. Or if you do, maybe one of the visitors will be that Nigerian prince guy,  don’t expect to get more than 10 sales. 


So what can you do in order to get Targeted Traffic?

If you have no problem with spending $2000 per month, then by all means you can try and invest money in ad campaings. I persoanlly, would start with Bing at first, since advertising on Google will surely cost you a lot of money. Even though Bing & Yahoo present only about 30-40% of all the people searching stuff on the internet, this still means a lot of people. 

Depending on the nature of your business, for instane if you have a travel company/blog etc., you might want to invest money in Instagram and Pinterest.


Now, all those are fine if you have money to invest( at least $ 5000-10000).


What happens when you don’t have that kind of money?


Well, the best thing I can advise you is to try and learn how to Search Engine Optimize(SEO) your website. This basically means how to modify your website’s content such that it will appear higher in the results of any Search Engine. 

It will definitely take a while for you to learn and to apply, but I can only tell you that it works. Here are the results for this very own website in the last few months.

You can learn it for free since the information is available online. However, your problem will be that you will need a structure and that you will need tips from time to time. Therefore, you can’t just watch a video or read a forum and apply all that stuff. 

What I did, was to join a community who is specialized in Internet Marketing, SEO, E-mail Marketing, E-Commerce and other stuff like that. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and currently has over 800,000 registered members.

Here’s my whole 7000 words review on them.

This is pretty much all on my AutomaticTii Scam Review from Techzavy. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and if you have any questions, share them with me in the comment section below!



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