Taking a short break!

Hi, guys!

Unfortunately, in the following week, I’ll have to take a break.

The main problem is that I want to enrol at an MSc and I need to study a lot in order to pass the admission. Therefore, I am not sure if I would be able to keep the publishing frequency, but I would try to allocate a few hours during the next weekend.

Due to situations like this, I recommend to all of you to create posts in advance. You never know when you will need to take some time off in order to take care of more urgent business… 🙁

At this time it is really hard to divide my time. I need to create around 5 posts each week, to start and create my Youtube videos, to promote on Facebook and to even write a new e-book in order to publish it on Amazon.

And ALL that, besides my life. I almost screwed my publishing frequency for this week since I have been studying C programming all weekend.

I intend to apply to an MSc in IT, since is among the most profitable domains. Even though the IT industry has been around since 1950-1960, I tend to believe that it still has a lot of more to offer.

In fact, I tend to believe that a lot of jobs will be lost to Artificial Intelligence. If you’re from London, you’re already familiar for some time now with the electronic cashier, where you scan the products yourself and then pay for it without entering in contact with another human being. In a few years from now, jobs such as translator,

In a few years from now, jobs such as translator, teachers, cashiers, accountants will be fully replaced by AI.

I believe that last week I’ve seen a video on Facebook with a self-driving pizza delivery car from Dominos, USA. I just keep on wondering what jobs would remain after AI will take over. Probably key jobs such as air traffic controller, doctor, lawyer and mechanics and other jobs that rely on imagination & talent such as actors, singers, painters.

The machine learning puts almost all jobs at risk… LOL.

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