Stop using fake Facebook profile for Snuckls!

Hi, guys!

Today I am going to raise awareness about the use of fake Facebook profiles while using Snuckls/Baymack.


Now, the main idea is that I get a lot of messages from people asking me why their Snuckls or Baymack account has been disabled.

The main cause, which I see almost everytime on Baymack’s Fb page is that they don’t allow the use of the fake Facebook profiles.

They do that in order to assure that everyone has over 18 years old and that no one can use two accounts.

I’ve seen quite a lot of videos where they wanted to give the prizes, sometimes $50-100-200, but they saw that the winner was having a fake profile and they disabled his/her’s account.

I am not sure if they will disable your account when you will win a small amount of money. However, when you actually invested your time, you’ve got 50 entries and you actually win the Jackpot, how would it feel like for you to get your account terminated and lose all the money? Just because you didn’t used a real account?

This was the case last week.

A player actually succeeded in earning over $4000. Not $2, not $10, not 100, but $4000!!!!!!!!!!

However, when they checked his/her’s account, they saw that it was a fake.

Can you imagine to use a fake account, to actually win $4000 in a day and to lose all the money because you decided to join with a fake facebook profile?

If that would’ve happened to me, I believe that I would go insane. I swear it to you, I would lose my mind.

Don’t know about your country, but for my country, the monthly minimum wage is around $300. That guy/girl won the minimum wage in my country for 13 months… And she/he lost all the money only because it used a fake profile.

Even for someone from UK, $4000 is hard money. The average, not the minimum, is around 2000 pounds.

If you joined with a fake profile, just log out,  and join with your real profile. You don’t want to hit the Jackpot and to lose all the money! It will be just sad…

For this of you who don’t know what Snuckls is and have just stumbled across this post, Snuckls is an online lottery which has draws on a daily basis. More on it you can see here: Snuckls Review.

That was all for today guys. If you have any questions share them with me in the comment section below :D.



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5 thoughts on “Stop using fake Facebook profile for Snuckls!

  1. My snuckl account is not available, my FB is not fake, I have been using this from years, how can this happen, when it is a genuine account

    1. Hi, Harish!

      Yes, everyone who used Snuckls experienced this problem. It seems that Angie(owner of Snuckls) has closed the program. I created a separate post here if you want to read it :D.

  2. Hi bro thax for this tpic
    but tell me how they know the fake fb account from the real fb account are they just guessing ?! or there are some difference between them

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