Started Learning HTML&CSS

Hi, guys!

Well, I decided to invest a part of my time in order to learn more about HTML&CSS. Now, this would be around the 3rd time that I start to learn about it and I have to say that it is pretty easy at least at the beginning.

My favourite place to study it is the CodeAcademy. It is a great website for any newbie that wants to learn more and more about different programming languages such as: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, PYTHON etc.

Now, I have been a little inactive on the website since I had a few problems that I needed to take care of before adventuring any further. I have around 2 scheduled posts now, but I plan to take some time and to create more posts this week :D. The main focus I believe that it would be about the methods to earn money online. I am currently working on a new website section where I will share with you all the methods that I reviewed until now.

So why do I want to learn HTML&CSS?

Well, I just want to expand my knowledge. In high school and in the primary school, my IT professors didn’t show any interest for us and they were letting us play counter strike all day long. I plan to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript for beginning and then I want to focus on C, C++ and Python :).

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any of those programming languages in order to be successful.

I am still not sure if CodeAcademy will offer you any free certificate, but if you are looking for a certificate, then I encourage you to check out UDEMY. They offer tonnes of tutorials, both free and payable, in lots of domains. At the end of each video tutorial, they will offer you a certificate. I have around 5 certificates from Udemy right now.

Anyway, this is the blog post for today. I hope you guys have a great day!



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2 thoughts on “Started Learning HTML&CSS

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, wishing you the best of success as you continue to add more post to your website.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      Thank you very much for your wishes :D. I will try to create a few more posts in the future where I will show a few tips to create awesome stuff :D.

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