Started a How To Create a Blog guide!

Hi, guys!

Just finished a guide on how to create a Youtube channel 😀 and I started to work on another guide on how to create a blog :).


It’s been quite a busy week for me and I believe that I will be even more busy in the following week :(.

I am trying to reach the 20 posts about online opportunities milestone and by the looks of it, I believe that I will achieve it. The website is running better than ever right now, but it can still get improvements.

I believe that I have around 10-30 posts to modify in it :(. I still haven’t finished the shop section. All I can say is that having your own business might seem easy, but to be only one person that needs to take care of keyword research, content research, content creation, website development, social media, newsletter, responding to comments, e-commerce section, product development and have a social life seems pretty difficult to manage.

However, I am NOT a quitter :D!!!

So, I already have over 70 posts and pages to create. Therefore, that will take care of coming up with ideas for the next months. However, I want to create 2 more e-commerce websites as an experiment and on one of them to even try to promote it with ads.

Anyway, coming back to our main topic, I’ve started a new guide on how to create a blog and how to monetize it in order to earn money.

What’s the difference between a blog generating money and an online business?

Well, the main difference is its purpose. There are people out there who just want to blog about their passion. I know that it is hard to believe, but some of them are not completely interested in earning money from it. They just want to work at something to take their minds off from their daily routine. Who can blame them?

However, in this guide, I will also teach them how to build it, how to create content and operate with WordPress, how to monetize it and how to get traffic to it.

I should’ve started with this method to earn money since is one of the simplest. You just need to have your own blog around a niche and to talk about it whenever you want. You don’t need to brainstorm for ideas or to develop products or even to do affiliate marketing if you don’t want to earn money.

I won’t make it too technical since there is no point in doing that. Make sure to take a look at it and let me know your opinion about it!!

How To Create A Blog Guide



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