Someone bought my E-book… LOL

Hi, guys!


Yesterday I was talking to a friend and she wanted to publish a book and somehow I remembered that I have one published on Amazon on which I haven’t checked out in a long time.

So, today, out of pure curiosity I decided to check out to see if someone bought it. Now, a few things about this book is that it is an e-book which contains my how to build a blog training.

The purpose of this book was to create it and to see how people are able to write a book and to publish it and earn money from it. I never expected that someone will actually buy it… LOL.





I think that I worked around 1-2 hours in order to write it and I haven’t advertised it on Social media or other places. I think that I created a blog post on my website, of which I am sure that nobody ever read it. Moreover, even the niche of the book is not something that you will decide to go and buy. There are literally thousands of tutorials of that on Google. Not to mention the looooooooooong title and the cover.

Yet, against all of my expectations, someone decided to actually buy it. I know, I am not a millionaire, but that was not the point of this book.

The whole point was to learn a few things about writing an e-book and put it somewhere where people can buy it. The fact that someone actually bought it,  it is a miracle. 😀

I am not sure how soon I will create the how to create and publish an e-book tutorial since I have a lot of exams in this period. However, I will try to repeat the process a few more times and after that, I will publish my results! 😀

That’s all on this post :D. If you have any questions feel free to share them with me in the comment section below!




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