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Today, I am going to discuss about the Snuckls update.

So, first of all, what is Snuckls?


Snuckls is a free online lottery that requests you to watch 5 Youtube videos in order to get an entrance.

Now, for those of you that might have heard about Snuckls a few months ago, you probably know that it offers a daily Jackpot of $3,600.

Well, the things changed.

Right now, Snuckls changes the value of Jackpot from week to week.

This week the Jackpot value seems to be at a maximum of $1000.

So, why is this? Have they gone bankrupt?

Well, the answer is no. It is quite the other way around. The owners have made so much money from Snuckls that they decided to build another similar business called Baymack.

However, they decided to cut how much people with from the Jackpot and invest all of that money within Baymack. You know, in Fb ads, Twitter ads, Google/Bing ads and so on.

Baymack does the same thing as Snuckls. It generates Youtube views for their clients. However, the winning opportunity it differs.

For example, at Snuckls there is a daily Jackpot, now $1000, that ‘can’ be won any day by more than 1 individuals. On the other hand, at Baymack, there is a daily Jackpot that “is” won each day by 1 individual. The main Jackpot is one every single day because whenever you finished watching 5 videos, you will automatically get a ticket for the daily draw.

At Snuckls, you would have got a ticket on which you had to match 5 numbers out of 42 in order to win the daily Jackpot. At Baymack, this isn’t the methodology. The Jackpot winner is randomly chosen each day.

That’s pretty much why the Jackpot at Snuckls has suddenly gone from $3k to $1k per day.

Here are my reviews on both opportunities:  Snuckls Review  & Baymack Review.

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    1. Hi, Akbarkhan!

      This is because they have closed their business. However, you can check my Earn Money Online section in order to find new opportunities that will generate you money!

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