SNUCKLS Scam Review 2017 2018 Jackpot $5000

Hi, guys!!

Have you even logged in to Snuckls today?!?!?!

I’ve spent a whole part of my day without internet, around 5-6 hours. When the internet came back, I was too busy in order to create 5 posts for the website and I didn’t even check the Snuckls or the Baymack Jackpot.


IT IS OVER $5500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SNUCKLS Jackpot $5000


For those of you who don’t know what Snuckls is: Snuckls is a daily Jackpot where in order to get an entry, you will have to click on the Get A Ticket green button and to watch 5 Youtube videos.

At the end of those Youtube videos, you will need to classify the video into one of four categories. This is in order for them to make sure that you actually watched the videos.

Anyway, after you’ve watched and you correctly guessed 5 Youtube videos, you will get to choose 5 numbers out of 42. In case that you’ve matched all 5 numbers, you will earn 98% of the Jackpot.


You are allowed to 10 entries. From the entry 1 to 5, you will need to watch and correctly classify 5 Youtube videos. From the entry 6 to 10, you will have to watch only 2 videos.

One video usually takes between 30s to 90s. Therefore, for 5 videos, you will have anywhere between 3-7 minutes.

Just imagine if you guess all 5 numbers! That would be insane!! $5600 in just one day! For just 3-7 minutes!!!!!!

*Both Snuckls and Baymack are invite only. Therefore, you will have to join through the link below!


 Snuckles Lottery Review




Important: Make sure to use a Real Facebook profile. If you win, they will check your Fb profile and if they see that it is a fake, they won’t give you any money!!


Best of luck,


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