Snuckls doesn’t work anymore

Hi, guys!

I just tried to browse Snuckls and Baymack and the other programs and I have remarked a few things.

Okay, so I’ve been a long-term member of snuckls. I think that I first joined Snuckls somewhere in July or August 2017. Indeed, I’ve earned some money from it and recently when I checked it out I was redirected to Baymack.

A few things about Baymack: It is a pretty similar business model as Snuckls. It has the same owner, which is Angie and a few pros of Baymack are the fact that you can have up to 50 entries and you have a higher chance to earn more money rather than on Snuckls. I won’t go into detail, but if you would really want to know why, then feel free to drop a comment in the comment section at the end of the post :).

Okay, so what happened to Snuckls?

The main idea for them to make a profit is that they need people to watch a lot of Youtube videos in order for them to get enough money to pay the Jackpot winners. Snuckls, in my opinion, is the perfect example of starting too many businesses and to not be able to conduct all of them. You see, Angie has started Snuckls, Baymack, Skylom and Flamzy. I think that somewhere down the line, the users decided that they would’ve earned more money on Skylom and Baymack rather than on Snuckls and as time gone by, there were fewer and fewer people which participated in Snuckls. Therefore, the cost of paying people eventually outweigh the cost of running the business. If you take a closer look at both Baymack and Skylom, you would see that the prizes have gone up since they closed Snuckls.

That’s just my assumption on what happened to Snuckls. I am not sure if this is the real reason or not. To me, it seems the most logical explanation.

What is the chance for Angie to close another business?

Well, for now, I tend to believe that this is out of discussion. The idea is that they closed a business and all the money left from that business were invested in the other businesses. I think that for now, we are safe. Only when we will see that there will be fewer and fewer people participating, we would have to pay attention.

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6 thoughts on “Snuckls doesn’t work anymore

  1. Yes, just noticed the same. I thought it was only a bug cause I kept being routed to Baymack. My problem about it is that I wasn’t able to withdraw my balance. Too BAD 🙁

    1. Ehhh, I know mate. I wasn’t abletoableto withdraw as well :(.if you got more money, I would suggest you to contact Angie :D.

    1. Hi, Aiman! I haven’t used Flamzy, but it seems that they closed it as well. I was about to review it :(. Anyway, as far as I can see, the prizes at both Baymack and Skylom are pretty high :D. Maybe you should test your luck with them :). Here are both of my reviews: Skylom Review, Baymack Review.

    1. Hi, Venkat!

      I am not sure if they will reopen. I think that they are done with Snuckls. Right now only Baymack and Skylom are left from Angie. However, I wouldn’t recommend none of them to you since you will just waste your time. A good alternative right now is CashCrate. In something like 2 days( – around 4-5 hours in total I earned $10), just from taking simple, brainless, surveys.

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