Should I fill the SEO Title&Description(meta) boxes or not?

Hi, guys!

Well, today I am going to discuss with you how to complete your post’s and page’s title and description!

No, not literally, because I know that you are not mentally challenged… LOL.

For those from Wealthy Affiliate, when they finish creating a post or a page, they are given the option to insert a Title and a short SEO description of the post or of the page.

For those of you that are not part of Wealthy Affiliate, in order to get this option, you will need to install the All in One SEO plugin.

It should look something like this when installed.

Now, how do we fill each box?

The first one represents the Title that people will see when they will stumble across your website in Google or other Search Engine. The first half of the title must contain your main keyword.

The first half of the title must contain your main keyword.

It needs to be attractive and to instantly catch their eye. You really need to be creative here.

Think about a slogan or something that is very relevant to the subject. Don’t take my example. I don’t have that many characters to add in order to make it look interesting(My keyword was is wealthy affiliate university scam?). Therefore, I barely had 6 characters left to add.

People tend to think of negative things first. So, it is our duty to profit of it.

Therefore, instead of a simple title such as “Product X review”, write “Top SCAMS in 2017: PRODUCT X” or “AVOID Product X at ALL Costs” or “Product X, SCAM review”.

Believe me, it doesn’t even matter if it is legit or scam. I have a few titles of opportunities like this and I have over 200 referrals that joined them. But they all clicked on it because the title caught their attention. People are simply pessimists and they look for negative things in life. Now tell me that you won’t click on any other negative title than the simple title.

The second gap to fill, Description, is basically a short resume of your post. Up until a few years, people had to complete that gap with something that will attract the visitors.

Now, the best thing to do is to leave it empty. If you leave it empty, the search engine will basically autofill the description box based on what people are looking for.

For example: Let’s say that in the first 160 characters you have written Product X review.

If you have filled the description box with this keyword, your site will appear in the search list when someone will search for this keyword.

Now, if you leave the description box empty and you have an About Product X headline, or simply written in a paragraph anywhere in your post(out of the first 160 characters):

When someone searches “About Product X”, Google’s search engine will autofill the description box with 160 characters starting from that keyword.

But what if you have something like “About” and 2 sentences/paragraphs later “Product X”?

Well, when someone searches for About Product X on Google, Google will autofill your description box with a few characters before the about, then the “about” followed by “…”, followed by “Product X” and other characters.


“I know everything about…Product X comes in 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Small…”

Therefore, the best thing for you is to leave the description box empty. In that way, you will get traffic from people searching for other keyword than your main keyword. 😀

Hope that helps you!



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