Setting a new goal!

Hi, guys!


Today I was browsing one post at Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve seen some awesome progress from that person. Therefore, here’s my new goal 😀 :

A short back story.

That person has a website which this month had it’s 20 month anniversary. You can check the story here:


100000 Page Views


100,000 page views is quite an achievement. For me, it looks like something that I won’t be able to achieve pretty soon. But who knows?

As I mentioned at the beginning of my Online Business Guide, having a website should be treated as a real business. This means that people should give time for it to flourish and to bring them unbelievable incomes. Sometimes it might take a year, sometimes it might take longer. The main point is that you should treat your online business as a real business.

I intend to have this business for my whole life or until something else replaces the internet.

Now, I’ve done a little bit of background check and I found out that this person has a website in the niche of maternity. I am not sure how big her niche is, but if she could achieve 100,000 page views in 20 months, then I should be able to do it as well, right?


The bad part is that my website is in the most overly competitive niche on the internet. This means that it will take far longer for me to get on the front page of Google, on most posts, than for other persons in other niches. This is exactly why both I and Kyle advise you to start in another niche.

I think that this will be a good challenge for my website to get 100,000 page views in 20 months. Even though I tend to believe that it won’t happen, I still have a few hopes that it will achieve that milestone.

Now, I tend to believe that person invested in ads the minute her website started to earn money and that boosted the process. I will not invest in ads until I will have enough money to hire 1-2 content writers. 😀

It is great from time to time to set up a good challenge like this one. That way, you will be able to compare yourself with others and see if you need to work even harder. I will start to include my progress on my monthly report from now on. 🙂


I’ve started to work on this site on March 6th. Therefore, my deadline will be November 6th 2018. From now on, I will work smarter in order to achieve this milestone :D.

I challenge you to do the same thing. 🙂 Those sorts of challenges can only help your business grow! 😀

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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