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Hi, guys!


One of the most wonderful feelings is to see that your work is not in vain! As a website founder, you will have a long time ahead until you see results. I wanted to give up more than 5 times, but I kept doing it.

I kept doing it because having an online business is the only type of job you could have that will provide you with a passive income. I am still pretty far from my goal of earning $100,000 a month, but each day I learn something new. I started working around 2 months and a half on this website and it helped me a lot. First thing it provided me with a purpose while I was searching for a job. Being unemployed and doing nothing during your day-to-day life can be pretty bad for both your body and your mind.

I had a goal all this time. I wanted to create my own company and to make it profitable enough in order to assure both for me and my family a luxury life from now on. The worst feeling in the world is to see your parents age. I promised to myself that I’ll try and do everything in order to payback for what they’ve done to me. I want for them to live a wonderful life. During this days, if  I had to take an entry level job in Aerospace Engineering, in my country it won’t be enough to cover my own living expenses.

I haven’t looked for a job in London in the last months since I’ve been too busy in learning more and more things about SEO, themes, e-mail marketing, social media marketing etc.


Anyway, I started seeing results. As you might saw, I have achieved actually the first position on Yahoo on the first page and the position 2 on the first page on Google and Yandex.






The website traffic has also increased in the last few weeks. I remember that I was happy when 1 person a day visited my website. Today, 21.05, I had 10 visitors already.



This month has been really good. However, I am not yet satisfied! I want to create more content in order to get more and more traffic. I hope that in 1 year I will have more than 5000 daily visitors. This month I had around 29 visitors yesterday.

I already passed the 500 comments milestone and I believe that it is possible to have more than 1000 comments until October :). I will create a separate post on this :D.

What’s next?

I need to focus on other keywords and create content. Right now, I focused more on creating posts about how to fix and solve different things in WordPress. I need to focus more on methods to earn money online.

I also believe that I create too many blogs, but they keep my website’s frequency. I will try to cut out some of them.

I need to create an image with all my social media accounts and probably a Youtube channel.

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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