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In this post I will show you a few proofs in order for you to be assured that if you decide to follow my courses or purchase my SEO services, it will not be in vain. Now, I know there are a lot of scammers that advertise to bring your website to the front page of Google and that they don’t even know what SEO stands for. 

In order to assure you that what I teach you or what I sell you has real results, I’ve decided to create this post in order for you to be able to see that this is truly legit.

I will also provide examples of Long-tail keywords and of general keywords and I will add lots of screenshots, on the incognito mode & with & without quoted searches in order for you to see it with your own eyes!

I also want you to take into consideration that I am in the most overly competitive niche on the internet(Make Money Online). Therefore, for someone to achieve the front page on google in this niche will be a lot harder than for others to achieve the front page in a different niche :).

Table of Contents:


  1. Proofs of achieving rank #1 in Google  in 7 minutes or less from publishing.
  2. Proof of Getting Snipped by Google.
  3. Proof of Reaching Front Page on Google on company name alone.
  4. Proof of Achieving Rank 1 on Google Long -Tail Keywords 
  5. Results of Referral Marketing 
  6. Monthly Website Stats Evolution
  7. Me Vs The World
  8. Testimonials

1) Google Rank #1 in 7 minutes or Less


If you look closely you can see that  all of those searches are in incognito mode and they also are done without quotes on .com termination to avoid Google to filter the local sites first. You can read more about those results here.

2) Getting Snipped By Google


So when I’ve searched for the term about snuckls(not really a long-tail keyword), I’ve actually found my result being manually dragged to the 1st result by GOOGLE itself. This means that Google’s bot recognized my post to have higher content quality than all of my competitors(75,200 results).

Normally, my website would’ve been rank #4 right under Quora and if you look closely you will see that my post is ranked better than even Snuckls’s FAQ(Frequent Asked Questions) page. 

3) Proofs of Reaching Front Page on Google on company names alone.

Front Page of Google, Rank #5

As you can see, I have searched for the general term Snuckls. I am on the Chrome browser, in incognito mode, and there are 104,000 results, websites&videos included, that possess that term on one of their pages/images. 

Out of 104,000 possible results, my website is on the 5th position, just under the official Snuckls website, a few websites that are far older than my website and Quora. 

Front Page of Google, Rank #1

Another general keyword is Drake Lounge Bet which is a betting platform for ESports games.

Out of 470,000 results, my website is ranked on the front page of Google, on position #1 if we take in consideration the website results since I haven’t created any video and I can’t compete with Youtube videos…yet.  

My website OUTRANKED even the Valve forum and 2 Steam forums and if you look at the last visible result, you will see that it even outranked the main website. Yes… Drakemoon is the main company whilst Drake Lounge Bet is a section of this company!!

4) Proofs of Achieving Rank 1 on Google Long-Tail Keywords

Searches without quotes

Front Page of Google, #Rank 1

Now, you’ve probably have seen that the number of results is far lower than the other keywords. This is officially a Long-tail keyword or what some people call the “low-hanging fruit”.  However, when you write it down, you can see that my website, out of 22,900 results, is ranked as #1 in the search results. As you can clearly see it is not a quoted search.

Front page of Google, Rank #6.

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money online then I believe that you are familiar with CashCrate. Well, for this opportunity, that is on the market for 10 years I believe, my website is ranked on the position #5 out of 126,000 results based on that keyword.

Front page of Google, Rank #5

Even though this keyword has less results than the previous one, I still have a lot of competition for it.  For this particular Keyword, I achieved the rank #5 whilst  older posts created in 2011 or 2016 are ranked on lower positions.

More Keywords
Searches with quotes

5) Results of Referral Marketing

This can only serve as proof that people all around the world trust what I am saying and that I serve quality content for my audience.

For those of you who try out the opportunities that I shared, don’t worry, you can still earn money without having referrals. At all the opportunities that I review, I personally tried all of them and earned money without having any referrals.

6) Monthly Website Stats Stats(Outdated)

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