SEO-> Starter Package

50,00 $

The Starter Package is the first of the three SEO Packages that I offer. It is best suited for the websites that are at the very beginning.



The Starter Package is the cheapest SEO package. However, at the price of $50 it contains:

  • 5 pages SEO. This means that I am going to take any given 10 pages of your website, search for a topic related SEO Keyword and optimise your content based on it.
  • 10 inner Links. It is well known that the search engines put an accent on the internal linking of your website.
  • 5 SEO Keywords bonus. I will also provide you with 10 SEO Keywords in order to build content based on them.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Sitemap Creation. I will create a Sitemap for your website such that it will get ranked faster.
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