SEO-> Executive Package

300,00 $

The Executive Package is the most complex SEO Packages that I offer. It is best suited for the websites that are at least 3-4 months old. The package contains:

  • -> 100 Pages SEO
  • -> 50 Inner Links
  • -> 60 SEO Keywords Bonus
  • -> Full Access to All Tutorials
  • -> Google/Bing Index
  • -> Google Analytics Integration
  • -> Sitemap
  • -> Google/Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools Setup
  • -> Youtube channel SEO
  • -> Access to Private Fb Group
  • -> Creating and SEO 5 posts or pages(1000 words/page).
  • -> Website Feedback.


The Executive Package is the most complex SEO package. At the price of $300, the package contains:

  • -> 100 SEO pages or posts. This means that I will search for topic related keywords, I will carefully analyse them and I will optimise your content based on them.
  • -> 50 Inner Links. As we know, inner linking is a decisive factor to gain ranking in any Search Engine. Having it improved it will help your posts and pages to get to the front page of any Search Engines.
  • -> 60 SEO Keywords Bonus. Besides the fact that this package will provide you with 40 SEO pages or posts, you will also have included 30 SEO Keywords, based on given topics, to help you develop your future content.
  • -> Access to Tutorials. By acquiring this product, you will have access to all the Tutorials.
  • -> Google/Bing/ Index. As you might already know, a newly created website isn’t indexed in Google or in Bing. By acquiring this package, you will also get your website to be shown in both of the Search Engines.
  • -> Google Analytics Integration.
  • -> Google/Bing/Yandex Webmaster Tools. Another advantage of this package is the fact that I will setup and verify the Google, the Bing and the Yandex Webmaster Tools for your website.
  • -> Sitemap.
  • -> Google/Bing/Yandex Fetch.
  • -> Youtube Channel SEO.
  • -> Access to Private Fb Group
  • -> Creating and SEO 5 pages (1000 words/page). I know that your website is in a continuous development. Therefore, by acquiring this product, I will help you develop your website even further!!
  • -> Website Feedback. By acquiring this product, you will also receive my personal opinion on the website that you have. Beware, I tend to be brutally honest.
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