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I am back with great news :D!

So recently I was wondering what other search engines do exist. I have discovered a new search engine called Yandex which is pretty popular in Russia.

It is not as popular as Yahoo or Google, but over 60 million internet users are using it. Since one of my main goals is to achieve more and more audience, I decided to create an account at Yandex Webmaster Tools.

So, I decided to make a search and see if my website is even indexed in this search engine.

I choose one of my keywords for the SEO for Dummies page. On this keyword I am actually rank 2 on Yandex and as you can see I have not used any quotes(1) when searching and I have used the incognito mode(2).

1-> When you search on a search engine a sentence in quotes, the search engine will show you only the websites that have the exact words in the exact order in the same sentence. Other websites that have for example 5/6 words from your keyword, won’t be shown.

2-> As a general rule, whenever you search something on any search engines, the 2nd time you come and search the same thing, the search engine will try to show first, the results that you have selected when you searched last time. Therefore, if you chose a website on the position 8 or 9 on the first page of google, the next time you search the same words, google will put that website on the position 1. In order to avoid this, you have to use the Incognito mode by pressing “CTRL+Shift+N” on windows.

This is pretty great since I haven’t heard of Yandex until recently and I didn’t fetch on my links. The fact that my website was ranked on position 2 out of 123 million results shows me that I am on the right road.

According to the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, this keyword has around 826 searches a month.

I have also checked other keyword tools as well and this is the result:





I only checked three of them and I am not sure how many more combinations of keywords I have on the first page. 🙂 Finally seeing some results is great! 😀

I believe that part of my success is due to the fact that I have chosen a good keyword and the fact that I am publishing 3 posts/pages a week. Can’t wait to see my stats in three months!


I am almost near my goal of 500 comments too! Hope your progress is far better than mine guys! 😀

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