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Hi, guys!

Today I am going to discuss with you about a new section on the website.



Recently I have viewed and purchased a lot of courses from sites like Udemy/ Lynda/ PluralSight and so on. I still haven’t been able to see all of them, but I am planning to do it.

The main idea is that I intend to create a personal development section on which I will discuss about a variety of topics such as Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Socializing skills, Management Skills and so on.  I am planning to review all of those courses and to even recommend to you on what to spend money and what to avoid :D!

I don’t know when exactly  I will start to build this section. Right now, I will focus mainly on creating posts about MMO and Business Development.

Yees, I also purchased courses about building 6 figure business in 90 days or using social media ads and pretty much about anything business related :D.

I am pretty excited about the near future and I only hope to have enough time to learn to programme (for my MSc), to be able to build personal projects(software applications/ android applications/websites etc.) and to be able to create posts here and perhaps even Youtube videos. I know that this will be a challenge for my time management, but thankfully I even have a course on that from Udemy… I think :D!

For those of you who have subscribed to my e-mail list, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you… LOL. I will most probably send you my first e-mail later this month! 😀

Anyway, those were the news for today. If you have any ideas which you want to share with me, feel free to drop me a comment in the comment section below :D. I would love to hear your ideas :).

PS*** I also completed the Affiliate Marketing guide :D! Check it here: Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide.


Wish you a great day,


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