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Hey, guys!

You might notice that some of my pages and posts or inner links are not available. Do not worry, there is no problem with your connection or with my hosting service.

Most of the posts that you might not be able to see are saved as drafts. There are different ideas that I came with while I was writing different posts and then I decided to write about that subject too.

Some of those posts are already written, but they are scheduled to be published. You see, in order to get rankings in google you have to publish posts frequently. Therefore, I decided to write posts and to publish 3 a week.

It is not that much since there are people that publish around 5 posts each week or even people that publish between 9-14 posts. Those usually have hired ghostwriters that create content for them. However, I believe that having those content writers sometimes can be a bad thing and here is why.

I already have scheduled posts for 3 weeks now, but I want to write more posts to have scheduled content for the next 4-5 months. My main target will be around 3 posts a week, but once I write those blogs, I will focus in creating new posts and pages in order to increase the frequency to 4 posts a week.

At first I used to create a post or a page once a week. However, at this moment, I am creating around 3 posts a day and I believe that today I will actually create 4. I target around 5 posts a day. That would be great… just imagine creating 5 posts a day for 30 days… That would be 150 posts and pages combined in one month. There are people that after six seven months barely have 60-70 pages and posts combined or even less. So don’t be afraid, I haven’t forgot about those posts and pages, I have all of them scheduled in order to not affect my publishing frequency.

Today’s Tip

The search engines pay a great attention to this publishing frequency. They won’t be amazed if you publish 12 posts in a day and for the rest of the month you won’t publish anything. Try to create and schedule like me 3 posts a week. It usually takes me less than 2 hours to write 3 posts. Therefore, instead of watching a movie on TV, I work enough for the whole week and can take the rest of my week off if I’d like.

If you are looking for a page or post that isn’t published yet try to come back in one week to see if it is published. Moreover, you can ask me in the comment section when the page or the post will be published. If you do this, please don’t forget to provide the link of the post or page that you are waiting for to be published. I will respond to all the comments as soon as I can! 🙂

How about you? How many posts do you publish during a week? How much time does it take for you to write a 800 word post? What is the most uncommon post that you have written?

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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