Over 8 posts in a day! New Record

Hi, guys!


Well, this is the end of this day and I succeeded in creating over 8 posts(this one included). I didn’t spend all the time in creating posts since I had a few things to take care of.

Anyway, this is definitely my record. I think the last record was about 5 posts a day and I remember that time I had spent well over 6-7 hours. I believe that if a draw the line, today I had spent around only 4 hours of creating content, finding out pictures and relevant information for my posts xD.

The best thing? I ended up creating only 2 blog posts. I usually spend my time creating lots of blog posts to cover for my publishing frequency. However, today I succeeded in creating six useful posts for you guys xD! I hope that you will enjoy all of them!

So, when I logged in my WordPress Dashboard this day, I literally had no posts scheduled. This was a major issue for me since I have a publishing frequency of 5 posts a week. However, I took 4 hours aside and I ended up in creating 8 posts. That’s like 1 post every 30 minutes. ┬áMost of them are around 600-800 words, but I also have one of 500 words and one of over 1000 words.

I am really glad that I took some time aside and I hope that I proved to anyone that if you take 1 day you can create enough posts for one week and a half. Of course, this is at a frequency of 5 posts a week. Imagine if I still had the normal frequency of 3 posts a week. That would mean that in less than 4 hours I created all the work needed for almost 3 weeks.

This achievement serves great for all of you that believe that creating content takes a lot of time. Imagine if you divide all those 4 hours. You could spend even less. If you would write around 34-35 minutes a day, you would be able to generate enough posts to take time off for three weeks. Is really 35 minutes a day too much for you?

It all comes down to how much you want to succeed.


Imagine if I do the same thing tomorrow, and I write another 8 posts… That would mean that I wouldn’t need to write any post for 1 month and a half( in the beginning scenario of a publishing frequency of 3 posts a week). I believe that we could easily spare some time during the weekend in order to assure our future. Instead of waking up at 11, wake up at 8 and start writing. Ignore your wife/girlfriend for a couple of hours and after a year, you could have all the time in the world to spend with her.

This is the whole purpose here. To create an online business that will generate enough money for us to never worry about the money again.

So, you are still going to tell me that you don’t have 4 hours a week to invest in order to reach your goals?

I’d call that bullsh*t. I end this post with the following quote. I hope it will inspire and motivate you!



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