Nobody can leave a comment on my page… Why is that?

Hi, guys!


Well, for the new members this is one of the trick questions and the solution is even easier than you thought

By now, we should know that a post with a lot of comments will rank better than a post without comments. However, for some of us it looks like we don’t have any comment section at the end of the article.

Don’t worry. This can be easily solved by checking one box. It doesn’t matter what theme you use or whether you want to allow comments on a page or a post. The procedure is exactly the same!

The first thing you want to do is to get in your website’s dashboard. If you host your website at Wealthy Affiliate, you can do that simply by going on the left sidebar, click on the Site Rubix blue button and when the additional menu opens, click on  Site  Manager and under each website you have you will see a blue Log In button. Click it.


Once you are on your site dashboard, you will have to go to the left menu and hover your mouse over Posts or the Pages feature. An additional menu will pop up and you will have to click on All Posts or All Pages.

The next step for you is to hover your mouse right underneath a post’s or page’s title. A few items will appear( Edit, Quick Edit, Trash & Preview). If you don’t hover your mouse underneath the title, you won’t be able to see those options!! When they become visible, click on the Quick Edit option.



The quick edit option lets you to do a lot of things. From changing the title and the URL of your post or page to deciding when to publish it(this is good in case you want to create posts now and assure a publishing frequency for the next weeks without logging each day in order to hit publish on the post), to selecting who created the post(in case there are multiple people accessing your website), to making the post private or password protected. The second column allows you to assign a different category to each post and in the right side, if you go below the Tags box, you will be able to see right underneath it 1 box which states Allow comments.

You have to check that box and right after that, you will need to click update.


That’s all. Now you can receive comments from anyone who visits your post or page.

I hope that helps you out. If you still have any questions left, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below. 😀





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