New trick for Facebook users

Hi, guys!

Do you share your posts on Fb and it seems like you can’t reach anyone?


For some time now, I kept sharing a lot of posts on Facebook and Twitter and I barely reached someone. For example, in the image above, my post hasn’t reached anyone.

Right now, I have around 21 likes and 22 followers, so how out doesn’t anyone see my post?

Well, in the last week, I have been wasting time on WA, when out of the blue I’ve seen a post about this problem. It quickly got my attention, since I don’t have that much success on Social Media and I decided to check it out.

It seems that I’ve done an error without even realizing it. It wasn’t the quality of my posts or the headline.

Actually, Facebook was killing my business.

When you think about it, Facebook is a website. Like any other websites, the guys from Fb try to prevent a post that contains an external link in the description to reach more people. Even though people liked and followed my page, my posts that contain a link will not get in my follower’s newsfeed.

It is common sense to try to keep people within Facebook, such that they will earn money from their ads.

This is why you tend to get very few likes when you share a Youtube video or a post with an external link on your timeline. It won’t get to the newsfeed of your friends. Maybe only on the newsfeed of those that have you marked as Close Friend.

So what can you do about that?

That post suggested that instead of sharing the post to Fb, to simply create a post on our Fb page, write a description and add an image from the local drive and to put the link of the post in the comments.

So, did it work?




This post reached 89 people out of nothing. The first post didn’t reach for anyone. They both contained #, but only the second post has the site in the comment section.



This week, the people I reached increased to 189% than the previous week… LOL…

I can’t believe that I found out this trick so late.

I believe that I have over 200 posts on my Fb page. Imagine if I would have done the same thing to all of them… That would be insane.

Does it work on Twitter?

YES, it does!!


Now, this post has the link in the description box and it reached 55 people.

This post has the link in the comments and it reached almost twice than the one with the link in the description box!

They both have #, but it seems like Twitter works on the same principle as Fb.

I hope that this post will help you in the future! From now on I’ll sure add the link in the comments, Lol!

Remember that sharing is caring ! ^_^

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