My Website Is 3 Months Old!!

Hi, guys!


Today is not a big step for me, since I started my recovery, but is a big step for my website as well.

I have created this website a lot of months ago, on October. However, only since March 6, I decided to purchase a domain for it and to start working seriously.  It has been a great journey until now, with countless sleepless nights. However, I am sure that the real journey hasn’t started yet.


Those are pretty much my stats at this moment. I haven’t worked a whole hour in the past 17 days, due to my tragic break up, but I am trying to get back on my feet. For those from Wealthy Affiliate, this is my progress in three months. I hope that you are doing well.

PS: As I told you, in this post, the Site Trust value isn’t directly related to any of the Search Engines. It is only a value given by those from Wealthy Affiliate that indicates how well is your website performing. If you don’t believe me, create a fresh website, don’t write absolutely anything on it for a month and you will see that you will get 10% Site Trust.

So, as you can see I have pretty much 100% at all the features except Plugins, Site Trust and Website feedback.

Why are the Plugins at 70%?

This is mainly due to the fact that the WA staff recommends you to have no more than 5 plugins installed. Now, the main idea is that if you have many plugins, your website loading speed is decreasing and it will cause a discomfort for your visitors. However, this does not mean that you must have 5 plugins. I asked Kyle in a PM and I also searched on the internet and I found out that you should try to have less than 12 plugins on your website in order too much the loading speed.

The Plugin feature in the website dashboard takes into calculation the disabled plugins as well!

Why is the Site Trust 30%?

That is because my website is only 3 months old. With each month, the site trust will increase by 10%. As I said above, this doesn’t have any direct connection to the search engines!

Why is the Website Feedback 0%?

The website feedback is a good feature from Wealthy Affiliate. It allows you to obtain feedback from more experimented members in exchange for leaving feedback for other individuals. If it is such a good feature then why you don’t use it?

Well, I first need to create content on my website before I will ask other community members for their feedback, right?  I still have 100 posts to create at least.


So what about visitors?

Well, those are the stats compared to the last months.

April vs March


As you can see, in the month of March I had more visitors from the social network since I spent some time in promoting my website through Facebook. You can see my results here. However, as you can see, I started in gaining more organic traffic.

The direct traffic is usually from different pages on the Internet. It can be Quora or other similar websites where you leave your website’s link.

May vs April


To my surprise, on May, I haven’t promoted too much my website on social media and I still scored better stats than I did in March and April.  As you can see at the first comparison which is of visitors coming from direct sources, my stats increased. This is due to the fact that I have responded to a few questions on Quora and I left my website as a signature.

By far, you can see a significant difference when you look at the Organic Search. I have received in May three times the amount of visitors from the Search Engines than I received on April. Those are pretty great stats for a website at its very beginning. I can’t wait to see the Website’s stats in the next 3 months. By the 6th month, I should experience an explosion in visitors since Google will officially trust my website. I am a little afraid since many people told me that the MMO( make money online) niche is pretty hard to break into, but I will work hard and I hope that it will pay off.

Don’t worry if your website is on the 3rd month and it doesn’t have similar stats. Remember that this is not my first website 😀 and I had more time to learn than you :).

About the posts, I currently have 59 posts and pages published. I have around 5 more posts scheduled. Since I haven’t created posts in the last 17 days, I have to work hard and catch up :D.

How is your progress? Do you have greater stats than me? Tell me about your success in the comment section below :D!


Wish you a great day,


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2 thoughts on “My Website Is 3 Months Old!!

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing this information, this is a good breakdown of how this works so that persons will be able to see how all of this good stuff works together as a whole to give the kind of results that they need to help succeed in the business.

    1. Hi Norm!

      Thank you very much! I will create in a few days a new post with a 4 months old update :). If you want for me to add any information feel free to ask!

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